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10 DIY Woodworking Tricks For Beginners

[Music] if you're new to woodworking or diy projects the following video could literally change your life or at the very least you'll find it mildly interesting so stick around this is a cabinet clamp right wrong this is a spreader or a jack well i mean it's still a clamp but let me show you another use for it on these cabinet clamps it just has this pull pin pull that out and you can take that foot off and then you can pull the entire piece right here off flip it to the other side and it can be a little bit tricky getting it to pass through sometimes and you've got a spreader or a jack whatever you want to call it and you may be asking yourself self when whenever i need this when would ever i need this let me tell you whenever you would need this just the other day i wanted to remove a permanent shelf from this bookcase and after i had made all the cuts with the saw and everything i flipped one of these clamps over and made into a jack and that way i was able to lift up and put pressure on the shelf to lift it without using the hammer all the time and banging everything up but can you use other clamps you're asking well let's see the fixed end of this clamp is real easy to remove you just turn this screw that stays attached and it pulls right off but you can see it leaves that nib i'm gonna have to knock that out for the other end there's another nib but that one's welded depending on what tools you have and what you're comfortable with you could use an angle grinder on that you could use a sander with some heavy grit sandpaper or i've got a file here so that's what i'm going to use [Music] just slide the two pieces of the clamp back on in the opposite direction that they were normally facing and now you've got your spreader or a jack or whatever you prefer to call it if you ever need to use a jig or maybe you just need to trace the outline of something that's kind of complicated and you want to attach two pieces of wood together temporarily carpet tape that's your best friend let me show you how this works let's say for whatever reason i want to attach this piece of wood to this piece of wood temporarily i'm just going to cut me off a piece of carpet tape here with the improper tool sometimes it can be a little bit of a pain to pull the other side off sometimes not now if i needed to use this as a guide to route around that's on there pretty good but when i'm done if i want to take it off easy to do i've used this method a lot like for instance whenever i did the epoxy and fire guitar i taped down the jig on top of the guitar body but if you want to take it to the next level let's talk about ca glue cyanoat site site super glue this time i'm going to take my two boards and then i'm going to take some blue tape and i'm going to place that on this board and on this board then i'm going to take a super glue and this comes in different viscosities this is medium viscosity i'm just going to run some of that right there on the blue tape and then on this other side i'm going to use some of this activator i'll go into this a little bit in just a minute and now that is good and stuck and that is actually stuck better than even the carpet tape because the carpet tape has a little bit of thickness to it so it has a little bit of give this doesn't really have any give but when you're ready to take it back apart there we go blue tape comes off and the blue tape comes off this is the method i used when i routed out the tree on the 300 year old wood an epoxy table i just did have you watched that video anyway i used the blue tape and ca glue method while i'm handing out this sage advice today i would be remissed if i did not thank today's sponsor policy genius policy genius makes it easy to compare quotes from over a dozen top insurers all in one place you could save fifty percent or more on life insurance by comparing quotes from policy genius you could save thirteen hundred dollars or more per year on life insurance by using policy genius to compare policies the licensed experts at policy genius do not work for the insurance companies they work for you so you can trust them to help you navigate the buying process that kind of service has earned policy genius thousands of five-star reviews across trustpilot and google and eligible applicants can get covered in as little as a week thanks to an award-winning policy option that swaps the standard medical exam requirement for a simple phone call this exclusive policy was recently rated number one by forbes advisor that's higher than options from ladder ethos and bestow in just a couple minutes you can work out how much life insurance you need and compare the personalized quotes to find your best price when you're ready to apply the policy genius team will handle the paperwork and scheduling for free tell them tell them what they have to do is head to forward slash hacksman to get started right now policy genius when it comes to insurance it's nice to get it right this ca glue activator is a must-have i went years without having this and if you try to use ca glue or super glue on 99 of things you'll find that it really doesn't work that well and it's because super glue works best if you put a very thin layer on and it can kind of absorb in and dry quickly and if not you'll find that most things you try to stick together it just doesn't work but with this activator and this is you can order this off amazon or whatever with this activator it sets it up instantly and you can glue all kinds of stuff together and fix all kinds of stuff let me show you these led lights in my mom and dad's ceiling keep breaking the plastic keeps breaking on them so i'm going to see what i can do to fix this little wire pieces that hold this in place keep breaking off because i'm assuming the electrician used crummy lights when he put these up these aren't um you know we don't have any extra ones so i can't really match it up exactly so i want to be able to fix these so i'm about to show you my super deep duper super de-duper super glue hack and that's baking soda when you combine super glue activator and baking soda you get the trifecta a superfication stickification okay i'm going to go ahead and put some super glue on here now on this particular thing i'm not worried about how nice looking it is i just need it to function so i'm going to put that kind of where it goes and it's just kind of hanging there okay it's just kind of it's going to take forever for that super glue to dry if it does now it's dry but it may not be very strong even though it's dry so i'm going to take my rose gold plastic spoon here and i'm going to get some baking soda and i'm going to sprinkle that on there and then i'm going to put some super glue on there there's a reaction that takes place between the baking soda and the super glue and it basically turns the super glue into like plastic you can use this to repair all kinds of plastic stuff and you can see it's ha

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