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12V Milwaukee More Powerful Than 18V? Head 2 Head Torture Test!

what's up 40 people today i'm pitting the milwaukee m12 hammer drill and impact driver against the milwaukee m18 fuel impact driver and hammer drill and we'll find out do you really need 18 volts oh three two one [Music] in life when it comes to just about anything more power is better except for government i mean you never heard scotty say captain we need less power even though i do love my m12 and they have been amazing i recently broke down and made a purchase to buy the m18 set of milwaukee hammer drill and impact driver on the m18 fuel hammer drill alone milwaukee claims that it can have as much as 60 percent more oogadoogas than the competition now the okaduga's count when it comes to hammer drills and impact drivers or is that just impact wrenches i don't know for the first battle i'm going to put the two hammer drills against each other now is this a fair fight probably not i've got a 5 amp hour battery on the m18 and a 4 amp hour battery on the m12 now amp hours really just kind of correlate to how long the battery will stay charged but i guess theoretically i'm not a scientist but it can provide a little bit more power so you know this ain't scientific we're just going to run through this i've got a bunch of different implements i've got drill bits i've got screws who could ask for anything more anyway we're going to start this out pretty simple with you know some number two square drive three inch wood screws into a four by four and let's see which one will put it in there the fastest i'm gonna try to run through these fairly quickly all right m12 set to two speed drill function let's go three two one pretty quick but will the m18 do it even faster i had that on hammer drill function was it faster we'll have to look at the tape but adam what about a half inch paddle bit well to you i say let's find out what happens this joker is brand spanking new m12 first which one goes through the 4×4 the fastest three two one [Applause] [Music] m18 drill function three two one [Music] what's the tape say what's that you say that's not big enough how about a one and a half inch i just pulled my nail back where's that sucks i gotta i gotta lay off the caffeine okay one and a half inch pay no attention to my horrific chainsaw injury and that is gross to keep this thing together i think it required what was it kim four yeah four band-aids okay let's go i'm bleeding one and a half inch let's let's change it up let's go with the m18 first here we go in three two one i lost the bit that's a clean hole i like that that's nice m12 this thing could go flying three two one [Music] i don't know is there is there a clear winner on this one let's see if we can finish this all right there we go lost the bit again another beautiful one and a half inch hole from the paddle bit oh thanks it's the only band-aid we have huh yep that's so sweet that's pretty i like that at the rate i'm going i'm barely into the video got an injury let's go ahead and put some safety glasses on and let's open up this brand new 2-inch forstner bit don't cut your finger at them don't do it i'm going to start out with the m12 for the 2-inch forstner bit and i'm only going to sink it down to flush with the top of it are we ready three two one [Music] go [Music] i'm gonna stop right there for a second i wanna put it on the one speed and see if this will actually help this [Music] that's a note try it again [Music] this battery if i got left on here still at three three bars of battery and i didn't quite get that flush all right let's try the m18 [Applause] obviously we have a winner there now i probably didn't have this quite uh down on here good enough because it was slipping in the chuck there but that's probably my fault obviously this is not fair you're not really ever going to use a 12 volt to do these things but i just kind of want to test out and see what happens you know i've used these m12 tools for online projects like the the whiskey barrel planters you know hanging the string lights around the patio i used it to cut the holes um in the fire pit and this drill with the one battery cut all of those holes if you go back and watch that video every hole in that fire pit except for the last four on one battery on one milwaukee hole saw so these things are monsters now i'm like i said i'm pushing it to its limit and pushing it past it what it's supposed to be used for but you know so i'm not trying to make these look bad because these things are freaking awesome oh let's do the hammer drill test we're going to start off with this quarter inch masonry bit and the m18 let's put it in hammer function and let's go to town [Music] [Laughter] let's try the m12 [Music] honestly i think that might have been faster could have been a softer spot in the concrete but let's step it up let's bump up to a half inch m18 m12 how about a little impact driver action and just for giggles i'm going to use the 2 amp hour battery on the m12 because i'm letting the other one top off even though it's actually still at 3 bars let's start off with something simple like a 2 and a half inch by half inch lag screw and by the way these are lag screws people always want to try to correct me in the comments this is a lag screw a lag bolt requires a nut okay but oftentimes people call these lag bolts but this is a lag screw anywho let's go ahead and see what happens two and a half inches is this two and a half inches this is yeah it's two and a half inches okay two and a half inches m12 and [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right let's try it with the m18 three two one okay i don't even know if there's any point in doing this but let's just do it let's just do it let's go with a six inch inches now i should point out obviously normally when you're using a lag screw you're going to pre-drill for them but i'm not because i want to see what happens [Music] [Music] should we even try this with the m12 i don't want to blow my tools but yeah we are this may be a complete waste of time but anyway i've got the 4 amp hour battery back on here and let's go all right i think that's about as far as it's going to go still that's pretty dang impressive let's cool our jets for a little bit i've actually got new batteries in both impact drivers and let's just let's simplify let's let's run these number 16 by four inch screws into this four by four and these are just phillips head i mean you know they didn't have square drive what can i say let's go well all right so then filthy phillips drive made me go in crooked all right well they both went in crooked i'm hitting something in there there must be a knot in there that's driving it but obviously the m18 went in faster i'm going to try these speed tip speed bore bits by erwin i've got a half inch and inch and a quarter let's try the half inch first m12 thing that went through there really fast i couldn't just pull it out though i had to back it out okay let's go with the m18 inch and a quarter on the m18 can you

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