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30 Year Supply Of Survival Food Ruined!

hopefully we have literally not lost everything actually I was kind of hoping this video it didn't you know end a different way you have to pick one you always choose the lesser of two weevils what oh that's not good all of our emergency food supply could be ruined [Music] welcome back hex Maniacs you know almost two years ago I uploaded a video where I showed you three forever foods and how to store them long term we've continued to add to that supply and rotate through it now since then a lot of people have comments on that video saying that I did it all wrong and it was all going to go bad the main food source I talked about was whole grain wheat or unmilled wheat berries he said wheat berries yeah well that's what they're called I didn't come up with the name yes sir whatever whatever we berries anyway this process was kind of new to me at the time so was I right or was I wrong today we're going to find out because we're going to open it up and see if it is indeed unfit for human consumption before we open up these buckets of wheat berries though I want to talk about what makes wheat berries such a great survival food to store in your prepper Pantry for disasters or hard times not to mention it's also a great nutrient packed food for every day the keto people are losing their minds right now obviously they can be milled into flour but they can also be eaten many other ways as well first you need to understand the unmilled wheat berries which you can mail into flour is not the same thing as buying flour at the store fresh milled wheat berries contain 40 of the 44 essential food nutrients to sustain life flour from the grocery store is often called Dead flour when wheat is refined and the bran and germ are separated it loses more 30 nutrients to offset this the US government requires flour to be enriched with 3B vitamins and iron in the early 1900s white flour became more affordable and widely used people began to develop diseases due to high consumption of white flour and white bread that was vitamin deficient which led to the general population becoming vitamin deficient the government realized what was happening and in 1941 mandated the enrichment of flour milled flour generally has a shelf life of 6 to 18 months unmilled wheat berries can last indefinitely when stored properly like honey white rice dried corn beans and other Foods unmilled wheat berries are a potential forever food forever ever forever ever yep forever ever the trick is you don't Mill the wheat until you're ready to use it there are stories of wheat being found in the pyramids and not only being edible but also being able to germinate there are also stories of that not being true so make of that what you will at least in it is plausible whole green wheat flour is full of fiber and lower your cholesterol and doesn't spike your blood sugar like white flour whole grains are associated with a decreased risk of heart disease stroke and type 2 diabetes not to mention it can help keep you regular as amazing as whole grain is it isn't a complete protein but that's easy to Remedy by also storing and eating beans the combination of Wheat and beans creates a complete protein you complete me you had me at hello you don't have to eat them at the same time you just eat them both in the same day to get the essential amino acids that your body needs to thrive [Music] welcome to baking with a hexman today we have special guest Mrs hacksman I don't know if I have this stupid accent let me lose this coat Kim's gonna go over this stuff and uh show us a little bit more about how this works this is my everyday milling machine and this is the Wonder Mill it's one of the ones that most people use it can meal right in here I have excuse me what do I have I have a hard white wheat and just a little bit about some of the Wheats that we have what are you doing hard white wheat and hard red we are the ones that you're going to want to have for rising yeast breads I also have soft white wheat which is for your pancakes and your biscuits and stuff like that iron corn which honestly I have not used yet but I want to um it has a Nutty flavor and adds Dimension to whatever you put it in it's spelled another one that has a slight nutty flavor I use this in our pancakes all the time just to have a little more nutrition would you say that he who thank you spelled it dealt it weird we're gonna use some hard red it always says to turn the machine on before you put the Grain in there but I don't like to do that makes me nervous so I don't do it also you have different thicknesses here what does it say Adam I can't read it from the side extreme bread and coarse okay I use pastry on everything I don't care what it says I like the really fine grain and my friend told me to do that that's what she does so I'm doing it too if your friend jumps off a cliff you're gonna jump too so I'm going to press oh girl you want that lid on there first no no you don't put the lid that's just the storage oh okay okay press the button actually make a mess I can't find it where's the butt it's Gonna Get Loud [Music] can you smell that I wish you could smell that it's like an earthy smell I can smell it it's full of nutrients I can smell it I love it okay I'm glad you can smell it so what you do after that you just unplug that right there twist it in and then here's the big reveal look at that so the darker part right there is the brand and you can sift that out for uh certain pastries and stuff I try to leave it in as much as I can but with some breads I do sift it out because it makes it heavy I hear that you can add it back later but I haven't done that yet so for this one you just fill this Hopper right here foreign right here you are going to adjust it and whatever meal you decide on will be a little bit different so this will be really coarse let's see that here's the course okay so that's your coarseness there and then well of course well of course I'm going to make take it all the way to what do you call it fine and you can see the difference so that is super super fine don't know if you can tell um Super Fly too yeah Super Fly a question that was asked a lot on that old video was well I have a allergy to gluten so what can people do if they have an allergy to gluten okay so you can still make bread a lot of people use the almond flour everyone knows about that one and oats quick rice bread that's what they call them because there's no yeast involved but you can also grind down some regular corn make sure you get organic here's quinoa it comes in white and red the buckwheat you can use it and then sorghum sorghum is it sargum sore gum I don't know how you say it but it's kind of like isopropyl alcohol Um well hey you have seeds too I bought seeds before I bought that because you know some sometimes you can't just get a whole bulk of stuff you want to look see what it looks like I could just open this but I've been wanting to open it okay and I have

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