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4 MIND Bending Carpentry TRICKS!

now I love a good mind-bending trick and in today's video I'm going to share with you four amazing carpentry tricks well I'll call them carpentry tricks because they involve wood nails and a bolt and this is a DIY channel so carpentry tricks it is now just a quick heads up the tricks I'll be showing you today are all guaranteed bets that you're going to win so if you need a little bit of extra you know mum's the word this could be the video for you and also I'll be running a competition today to win one of these magnificent stunt pop stud finders so stay tuned for details right oh let's kick this off with the amazing balancing nail trick let's do it now this is what you'll need to do grab yourself a piece of wood and then drive in a nail just make sure for this trick you are using a round flat head nail and not a bullet head nail like this one here if you use one of these the trick won't work now this is where over a couple of beers or a soft drink or even a nice hot cup of tea you ask your mates how many nails do they think they can balance on top power faff around and carry on but basically one would be about the most that they can do and this is where you make your wager and the amazing claim that you'll be able to balance 13 of these on that one nail there can it be done let's find out now this is where the magic happens all you have to do is to lay one of the nails out flat like that and then with the other nails lay them across the shank in opposite directions all the way to the end [Applause] and now if we just place the last one on just like that get those in position and now with our last nail just plonk it between those nails and now here's the trick we have to grab that bottom nail and lift up and hopefully all those nails will lock in together there you go just like that and now carefully place it on your nail and there you have it how cool is that pay up people for the next trick you're going to need four pieces of wood in that configuration there now if you don't have wood matches will do the job nicely if not better because the solution won't be so obvious and ask your friend to move just one of these pieces to make a square now they'll finish up doing something like that or even making a nice looking chair but in reality all you need to do is to very carefully move this one back and you'll finish up with a nice little square simple but effective yep I like it now for the next challenge and it can call a friend is that I have 11 nails here lined up in a row bit wonky but you know what I mean and the challenge is I want you to move five nails only to make nine now on the surface that seems a little impossible but if you want to pause the video have a crack at it come back in a couple of minutes and I'll share with you the solution and the solution is this it's so simple here's move one here's moved two here smooth three four and five nine now the final trick is an oldie but a goodie and it's more of a how did you do that rather than a trick to play on your mates and it goes like this now for this one all you need is a block of wood I've got a piece of pine here and then either a bolt a drill bit a nail or a pencil for today I'll be using the bolt and don't worry about all dimensions I'll leave a link to a PDF with all those measurements down below that you can check out speaking of bolts did you hear the one about the rusty bolt that walked into a bar yeah true story apparently he was there to loosen up door that way now the blocks been marked and those crosses signify checkouts so we have solid a check out solid check out solid check out solid and if we place in our bolt you'll see that once the bolt is hard against this side here it's just sticking through this check out which is good and the same the other end this is just sticking through here that's perfect now if you're using something like this pencil that's obviously too long and the drill bit is too short because if we place it hard up against this edge here it's still inside this solid bit so you just need to adjust the size of those check outs depending on what you're using now using the table saw I did a series of cuts to remove the wood for those check outs now if you don't have a table saw don't panic this can also be done with a miter saw or a handsaw and then just finished off with a hammer and chisel to soften up the wood on one end place it in some boiling water and be careful not to burn yourself once one end of the wood has been submerged for around twenty to twenty-five minutes take it over to your vise and squeeze the living bejesus out of it at this point the what is going to look a bit deformed but don't worry keep compressing it until you have enough room to draw and to place in a box the next step is to return the block of wood to the boiling water for 20 or so minutes which will miraculously return the block to its former state amazing finish it off by putting it back in the vise to dry okay I'm a little nervous let's see how this thing dried out fingers crossed look at that that turned out absolutely fantastic a lot better than I was expecting actually no arty I think all I do now is apply my logo across the front give it a bit of a tidy up and then give it a paint job let's do it now to jazz things up a little I've decided to make a stand for the block of wood which consists of a piece of ply for the base which we mounted on two lengths of dowel and then painted gloss black it's gonna look good [Music] and after all that work it's now time for the exciting bit let's put this thing together so we'll place the block over those dales just like that give it a bit of a push down and bang how cool is that what a great little project I love it and with that let's crack on with the competition thanks for sticking around because now it's time for the competition where you can win one of these amazing little stud pop stud finders now I did a video just recently on how to find a wall stud using one of these little fellas and it was absolutely fantastic so if you don't check that video out I'll link to it down below and for the record this is not a sponsored video it's just a really cool little gadget now the competition to qualify you'll need to answer three simple questions and you also need to be a subscriber to my channel and also have that notification bell clicked so if you haven't done that yet do it now okay question number one how many nails did I balance on that single nail in the first trick question number two what color are my kitchen splash back tiles you know the tiles that run behind the cooker yeah then and question number three what is the exact title of my how to find a wall stud video that I've linked to down below good luck with that and the winner will be drawn and announced in the next video now if you want to see more videos just like this one maybe a couple of playlists popping up over there very shortly so do yourself a favor and check those ones out okay well I

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