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8 GAME Changing Hammer HACKS!

today's fun fact did you know that despite the diamond beanie hardest material on the planet it will shatter to smithereens if hit by hammer let's test this theory out shall we [Music] whoops so today's fun fact is that even though diamonds are incredibly hard that just means resistance to scratching toughness on the other hand is a completely different kettle of fish altogether your fake diamond hey who doesn't love a good fake diamond yep fake diamonds I am I don't fit you'll be getting your fake diamond too back anytime soon what what do you maybe don't own any fake diamonds whoops I'm in trouble bee Beach get a folks uncle knackers here from DIY for knuckleheads and welcome to episode 6 of my workshop hacks tips and tricks video series now just before we get stuck into those hammering tips and tricks if you wanna see more videos just like this one do yourself a favor hit that subscribe button and while you're at it click the notification bell let's get the show on the road shall we apart from the hammer being a weapon of mass destruction I'd have to say that the humble old hammer would have to be the go-to tool for all home improvement projects in today's video I'm going to show you 8 ways to get the most out of your hammer and also show you a cool trick a little later on that will not only impress your friends but also has the potential to earn you a few freebies as well so make sure you keep watching for that one for those of you out there who don't pound in nails for a living driving in a nail can be a daunting experience which is fair enough because hammers and delicate fingers don't really mix so until you gain some confidence why don't you try quick little tips that will ensure that your fingers stay out of the firing line the first option you can try is just to use a regular old bobby pin which works really well all you need to do is to place the nail inside the bobby pin close it off with your fingers and you're good to go [Music] option 2 now this method just simply uses an old plastic lid which I've trimmed back and all you need to do is with the nail that you're using place that in a drill and drill a hole close to the edge which I hope you can see just there and then with some scissors cut a slit back to where that hole is so your finish up is something like that don't place a hole all the way back here like on this one with the slot going all the way back like that because it's not going to work make sure it's close to the edge now what you need to do is get your nail place it in the hole and then nail away once you're finished you can pull the plastic clear to easy pointy nose pliers are also a good option and I've also seen some people use a clothes peg [Music] how easy is that now this next tip is all about removing nails and if you were to ask any old ancient Egyptian pyramid builder the best way to lift or move something they tell you it's all about leverage leverage if the key for the lever principle to work all you have to do is place a bit of scrap it doesn't matter what it is up close to the nail and then slide in the claw and then just simply lift and that comes out so easy love it now if you're doing some carpentry like building a house frame and you are too concerned about how that surface looks this is a great technique drive the claw of the hammer hard up against the shank of the nail just like that and then wriggle the nail from side to side using a hammer as a pivot point and do it from side to side and that pulls the nail out beautifully cool just a quick side note I was going through my database to find a dad joke for this video and I really struggled to find one that related to a hammer but how's this I was going for a ride the other day true story and I came across this guy walking a really unusual looking dog and the dog had a hammer in his mouth yeah yeah so uh I pull over and I say to the guy hey mate what sort of dogs that and the bloke goes it's a Labrador Oh get it the Labrador and Thor chris hemsworth it's a mixture they mix and that's that's the joke forget it now if you're doing a renovating job keep this tip in mind just remember that finished trim like architraves and baseboards are quite expensive and are worth keeping if you can manage to remove them from the wall in one piece and if you do manage try this okay the great news is is that you've managed to salvage that piece of trim you've wanted and the first thing most people do is turn that over see that nail and then want to get a hammer and bang that through but don't do that because all that does is when that whole has been puttied and painted and you bash that now through all it does more often than not is create a bigger hole there so try this option instead turn it back over and then grab your snips or nips we're gonna call them grab the nail down the base and then just pull the nail through just like that and that will prevent that hole from becoming bigger driving in a nail close to the end of a piece of wood is notorious for splitting so we can fix that by simply altering the head of the nail and by using this in conjunction with pre drilling you're guaranteed of a sweet free future try saying that fast three times split free future split free future split free future split free split now I've got two nails here ones normal and this one here has been altered all I did was with my hammer tap the end which took the point off it now the difference is when you drive this nail in with the pointy end that pieces of wood opens up that grain and creates a split with this one here with the blunt end when you drive that one in all it does is push its way through therefore reducing the chances of that grain opening up and the wood splitting to demonstrate the point without any pre drilling we have our sharp and our blunt nail so let's drive these in and see what happens [Music] already you can see that started the split let's now try the blunt nail [Music] and as you can see we are split free happy days now this next one is a little unorthodox but in a pinch it's really handy occasionally you'll be on a work site and you'll need a dab or two of silicon or no more gaps and you realize that you've left your caulking gun at home never fear the hammer gun to the rescue so all you need to do is to place your hammer gun on the ground place the caulking gun over the handle and then just simply push down and squeeze okay pushing and bang out she comes and Bob's your uncle to easy every now and then or as supercade installed jam and the result is often a bit blade and a great way to straighten that is with your hammer just slide the claw over the blade on the point where it's bending and then just bend it back and there you have it that's not too bad at all I like it now if you know the length of your hammer mine is 340 millimeters long or one foot one and a half inches it can get you out of a tight spot if all you need is a rough measurement and you don't mention that the hamme

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