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Awesome Campervan Conversion on a Tight Budget! Part 3

[Music] now that turned out surprisingly good getday folks Uncle neck is here with part three of my tiny home on Wheels van to camper van conversion with today's episode possibly being the biggest challenge yet all the Cabinetry including the kitchen and my very fancy pullout bed SL sofa needs to be built and installed as per my very precise plans as well as all the electricals laminate flooring and wall clading did somebody say KFC now that's all well and good especially after some KFC but I do have a problem the main issue I have at the moment is that in 2 weeks time I'm undergoing major foot surgery which is going to render me out of action for quite a substantial period which means that time is not on my side fingers crossed it all goes to plan all righty there's no time to waste let's get stuck into it now the first thing we need to build is the bed which includes a large storage drawer and a top that pulls out when you want to use it as a bed and folds back in when you want to use it as a sofa now look I've never done this sort of thing before so seriously folks this could turn out to be an absolute disaster wish me me luck now as you can see just to add a bit more complexity I don't have any fancy tools for this job just my trusty o circular s jigsa MIT saw and table saw lots of soaring going on here folks oh yeah you can also throw in my cordless drill and pocket hole jig now one quick tip for newbies if you're new to pocket hole joinery just make sure you draw the pockets where they won't be seen otherwise they can be a little unsightly [Music] now as you can probably see this is going to be the top of our bed and the next job that I need to do I've been dreading for the past week or so and that is because this bed is one of those pull out jobbies I need to cut individual fingers along the entire length of this sheet which by rights should be done with something like a CNC machine but because I don't have a CNC machine mean I'm going to have to cut all those individual fingers by hand using a circular saw which could potentially finish up being an absolute dog's breakfast most likely will all righty let's start winging and start cutting now the trickiest and scariest part of cutting at this bed is getting all those individual fingers 36 in all cut straight which is where the CSG 1000 was an absolute Lifesaver just PL it on the line and Away you go and I'll leave a link down below if you're interested in making one [Music] now that turned out surprisingly [Music] good well after all that measuring cutting and swearing I got to say that the pullout bed with large storage drawer complete with lockable drawer Runners turned out surprisingly good with enough room for a surfboard to be stored underneath and if we go to the front of the bed under here we have room for all the electricals and on the other side there also a nice little void where you can store a bag of clothes and some [Music] shoes now building cabinets using pretty much basic power tools is not ideal and has added a fair bit of time to the job just because it takes that much longer to get everything cut square and and to exactly the correct size now hopefully fingers crossed it doesn't hold me up too much as I'm already starting to feel the pressure with that pending 12th of April end date looming up a lot quicker than I hoped speaking of things being quicker that reminds me of my granddad who used to say some pretty funny things I remember one day I said hey Granddad what's the quickest way to the lake he says to me are you walking or driving I said I'm driving and he goes well that's the [Music] quickest CH s now like I said at the start of the video time is my biggest enemy at the moment and with only a week and a half left till I'm lying in a bed in a hospital theater counting backwards from 10 I'd better get my skates on and kick on with the rest of the Cabinetry let's go now after just having said all that the good news is I got it done well 95% of it done slightly over budget but the real Miracle is that I did it on time I just finished about 2 hours ago and it's now the 12th of April that was a nailbiter all righty after all that work I think it's time for the big reveal let's check it out come on now now just before I crack open those doors to show you what's inside jack my son the owner is actually coming down from the go co tomorrow to pick it up so make sure you stay tuned to check out his reaction hopefully he likes it be better okay you ready let's check this out pretty exciting woo what do you reckon I think it looks pretty snazzy and this bed in particular I absolutely love it and if you'd like to make one just like this I'll leave a link to the plans down below so make sure you check those out all righty I'll show you how this works cuz I think it's super cool check this out right now it's in sofa mode or couch mode if you want to make it into a bed just simply pull it out this cabinet locks it in place and you lie down your mattress and then when you want to be a couch once again just simply slide this back in how cool is that I love it [Music] good [Music] night and this the bedding catch scenario all sorted so simple but very very effective all righty next feature the first feature is that the legs here have this lip and the lip stops the mattress from sliding off which is really good and secondly like all camper vans storage is a massive issue which is why I've installed this large drawer underneath the bed now the drawer slides out to a full meter and it also comes with these lockable draw slides so once you push those down it unlocks the drawer and you can pull it out push it back in to press the lock that drawer gets locked in place and won't come out when you're driving [Music] along and the third feature of this awesome bed which I don't think I've ever seen before it might be out there but I just haven't seen it is that once you remove the cushion here just get rid of that it exposes this framework here which actually acts as a support for that cushion so you can sit here for an extended period of time without getting a crook back I like it the fourth feature of the bed is that down the front here we have this open void for more storage which is where you can store some of your junk [Music] how good's that and the final feature for this bed which is probably the most important thing as far as Jack was concerned was that he wanted somewhere safe to story surfboards overnight so check this out [Music] sorted now as far as the floor goes I've gone down the path of using a peel and stick vinyl plank now I was going to use a floating floor I went out I bought the product I was just about to cut it and then I did some research and found out that it can actually expand and contract quite a bit now Jack my son lives up on the go Coast which can get pretty humid so expansion might be a bit of an issue hence the peel and stick should do the trick now just remember that a lot of thes

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