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[Music] welcome to sawdust in wood today I'm gonna do a real quick video and I'm going to show you if you're putting baseboard down that you don't need an angle finder to find the angles I'm gonna show you how to do it real fast okay so this is going to be a corner of a wall in our house let's take two pieces of wood doesn't matter if it's a 2×4 but whatever take it place one side on the edge of this wall and one side on the edge of this wall and what you're going to do is trace this top piece like this put a mark here and a mark on this side now that I got that what I want to do is take a straightedge and trace from this point to this point just like this then I got that lined up okay I'm a squiggle squiggle scribble this line out scribble this line out this is going to be my cut line these two or the board that I traced just like this on angle then I connect it if you look at this at the edges you're gonna see how we get that the right angle to mitre now I'm gonna go to the miter saw and adjust my blade until it lines up with this mark let me show you all right so I got my two pieces together let's see how they fit and if it fits good then we know we can cut our baseboard imagine it's perfect all right see what I got here now that I got that English said I just grabbed my baseboard and what this is and I see it's 22.5 it's traveled me with the cut since this is base this is gonna be one side alright let's go check it alright so now we got a big sports coach how nice and tight that get it perfect fit on the angle and I didn't even have an angle finder so there you have it I want to thank you all for watching today I hope I showed you how to cut baseboard if you don't have an angle finder this method works I'm pretty certain that's how all the old school call printers used to do it before angle fibers were ever invented thanks for watching have a great day please subscribe like the video share the video and comment on the video thank y'all

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