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BEGINNERS Guide to Distressing Wood. AWESOME!

okay folks quick question straight off the bat hands up who likes the look of distressed or recycled looking wood my hands up and if yours is too well done you're in the right spot g'day folks uncle nakas here and in today's video i'm going to share with you some very simple techniques to distress or age wood that i use to create some fantastic looking results just like this let's do it now what i love about the aged or distressed look is that it's kind of imperfectly perfect if you know what i mean and to get that look here are some of the tools that i use now starting off with a trusty old hammer just randomly hit that piece of wood which by the way is a great way to get some of your frustrations out if you have a heavy metal chain lying around dust it off and bang that onto the surface of the wood and that creates some really cool looking dents [Music] another thing you can do is to grab yourself some screws or nails or both and then just place them randomly on the wood and then hit them with a hammer for a great effect now to add some age and authenticity to the piece you're working on randomly driving in some old nails can definitely add some character if you can lay your hands on a chisel or a screwdriver they're great for making grooves and scratches now to me wormholes or insect damage are a trademark of reclaimed wood and to create that effect minus the bugs just grab any old sharp pointy object which will be your weapon of choice and that will create the wormhole effect without the worm now rough sawn wood is another look that lends itself to the aged appearance which is where a reciprocating saw or a bandsaw can come in very handy and one of my favorite techniques is just to use my clapped out old handsaw [Music] looks good hey if i can burst in for just one second if you want to see more videos just like this one make sure you hit that subscriber notification button below this video alrighty back to it and finally if you want to crank up your wood distressing techniques up a notch you can always drag this behind your car down an old gravelly road for that well-worn weathered look and if you want to see what happened to that wood after i dragged it behind my truck stay tuned because i'll show you how it turned out a bit later on i think you'll be surprised now when it comes to weathering or aging a piece of wood a lot of people go down the path of using a stain which let's face it can be pretty expensive this little can for example costs about 12 bucks so how about you try this go out make your own homemade concoction for a fraction of the price and chances are you already have all the ingredients at your fingertips now to make the homemade concoction this is how simple it is all you need is a jar some regular household white vinegar some manky old steel wool that you'll find under the kitchen sink and a handful of rusty old nails that's it then just simply place the steel wool and the nails in that jar and then just cover with the white vinegar and you're done and once that lid is loosely back on the hardest part is waiting the 15 to 24 hours before you can use it you've just got to be patient folks and remember the longer this bruise the darker the stain now we'll just do a little test this brew here has been going for about two days and this one here for about 15 hours so i'll test on either side of this and then we'll come back and compare the potency or how the color changes the longer you brew it now starting off with the two day brew let's just paint this on and just watch how it goes on clear don't worry about that it will change [Music] all righty we'll let that dry and then we'll come back and we'll do the 15 hour brew so that's the two day side brew all dried now we'll try the 15 hour brew [Music] okay we'll let that dry and then we'll compare the two and this is how it turned out it looks pretty good that's the raw timber that's the 15 hour brew and that's the two day brew and of course you can alter the tone or the color of this by altering how long you brew your concoction for and by adding more coats that will also make this darker just experiment and have some fun ah just very quickly while we're talking about how to age things and stuff like that how's this a couple of days ago i was talking to my 86 year old neighbor true story and he tells me how he's bought this brand new hearing aid cost him an absolute fortune but he loves it because it works perfectly and i said to him really what sword is it he says 10 30. so maybe it wasn't worth it i don't know now this next method of distressing wood is probably one of my favorites and that's the technique of layering on paint and then sanding it back i've made this quick little picture frame and i have all the tools of the tray that i need so all i'll do is quickly beat this up then we'll come back and start layering on that paint [Music] now with that sanding done it's now time to start layering on that paint and what i'll do is i'll do a different example for all four sides of this picture frame kicking off with the black paint and the objective here is wherever you see an indentation crack split hole whatever just fill that with the black paint [Music] now while i'm waiting for that black paint to dry this is what we're going to do this side will be just the black paint this side will be the black paint with two colors laid on top this side is just the black paint with one color on top and this side here will have no black but we'll lay two colors on top of that now before you do anything once this dries we'll sand off all that excess black paint okay starting off with the layering of paint will kick off down here with a light coat of the white over those black indentations [Music] cool i reckon that'll be enough done now on this side i'm going to do the white over the black followed by the color over the white and this last side here is just going to be two straight colors with no black [Music] okay with the paint dry it's now time to stand this back i've got a 180 grit sandpaper here and a 240 grit sandpaper on my orbital sander now remember there's no right or wrong way to do this it's all personal choice so sand a bit here sand a bit over there when you think it looks good it's good too easy [Music] now this is just the one coat of paint over those black little marks you kind of want those black marks to show up without making it too obvious [Music] okay to finish this off all we need to do is to apply a couple of coats of a clear satin varnish then we'll come back to see how it looks [Music] so check it out folks here's that picture frame after those four distressing effects are applied and i think you can see that they've all done their job beautifully which one's your favorite let me know down below now just remember that when it comes to distressing aging or weathering wood it's just like a good deli in the pizza less is always more you can always add more damage but once you get start

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