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BEST Beer Caddy for ICY Cold Beer

g'day folks anyone keen for a nice warm beer cheers bottoms up that that is disgusting should be banned now look if there's one thing that big bee marketers know it's that people like their beer cold and not warm like you've just unfortunately witnessed seriously next time i'm gonna get a stuntman in it's too dangerous it's a simple fact that consumers enjoy an icy cold beer and with that thought or image still fresh in your mind in today's video i'm going to be making a beer tote or beer caddy but with a difference this one's actually going to keep your beer cold i'm getting thirsty let's go to make the beer caddy all i'm using is this scrap 12 and 9 millimeter ply that i had left over from my mountain bike ramp field i'll use a length of 25 millimeter pipe with two caps for the handle which i think i'll spray paint black and you'll also need to lay your hands on half a dozen baked bean cans or something similar and to finish it off i've got a sheet of this embossed clear sheeting which i'll use as the ice tray now this is going to be a really easy build to make it even easier for you i'm going to leave a link to all the dimensions tools i use materials etc down below in the description box so make sure you check those out along with all the other goodies that you'll find down there as well it's well worth a look now just a couple of quick tips whenever you're doing a cross cut on plywood which is where you are cutting across the grain and not with the grain and that is apply some tape along the line that you're about to cut and that will help minimise splintering also known as tear out also have the good side or the side that you want to be seen have that facing down when you're cutting and that will also help minimize tear out [Music] now if we just check that cut out and see how the tear out went and look at that that's pretty good i like it and here are the parts basically cut out we have two ends and here we have both sides now i haven't cut the sides to length just yet because i'll be cutting a hole into the side of both pieces and i thought it might be easier and safer to clamp and hold down during the cutting process if there's a bit of length now also i'll be cutting a groove along the length of both sides so we can slide the floor in [Music] beautiful that's really nice [Music] beautiful [Music] okay it's time to drill the hole for our handle but i've got a bit of a dilemma the forstner bit that i have is a flies far too small and the spade bit is a beast doodle too big so i think i'm going to have to suck it up go with the spade bit and see how it goes it's a bit blunt so i'm a bit worried about tear out but if we tape it that should help minimize it okay let's have a quick look and see how that turned out that's pretty good and if you turn it over oh it's a little bit on the outside there but not too bad at all happy with that the next job on the agenda is to make the ice tray out of this clear embossed plastic it looks nice and icy which is what it's all about trying to create the illusion of coldness i like it [Music] speaking of beer get this i was in the pub the other day just having a couple of quiet ones when a set of jumper cables walks into the bar true story the barman quick as a flash turns around points at the jumper cables and says oi you don't start anything because because they're jumper cables and they start cars and stuff when they're connected so yeah it's pretty funny so yeah had to be there probably anyway oh i thought it was pretty good [Music] to assemble the ice tray all i'm using is a hot glue gun and then i'll finish it off by running a bead of silicon around the inside edges to make it waterproof and don't forget before you start gluing to take that plastic off just like that and we're good to go let's do it now before you start gluing just make sure that on the bottom the ripply surface is facing up and on the sides the smooth surface is on the inside and the ripply surface is on the outside [Music] with the box made i've gone ahead and i've cut a lid that fits very neatly on the top just like that and what's going to happen here is i'm going to drill through the top six holes to accommodate six of these baked bean tins and to achieve that i've just got this template here which i'll simply place on top x marks the spot for the center of each can i'll drill a pilot hole through each of those finish it off with a hole saw and bob's your uncle [Music] so there are those holes for the lid all drilled out but you'll also notice how i've drilled two extra holes in the center that's so that when the lid is on the ice tray we can fill it with water now as we all know any self-respecting beer tote or caddy requires its own bottle opener which is what i have here but i'm also going to incorporate down below a cap catcher courtesy of these ultra strong rare earth magnets and i'll recess those into the back here and then secure with some hot glue now when you're drilling these holes just be careful because you don't want to drill right through the other side here [Music] all right let's give it the old cap test check that out seriously how many features can one beer tote have love it okay folks this is it the business end is this going to work or is it going to be a complete failure well i did come across one major issue and that was after i placed all the cans into their holes and then filled the ice tray full of water the cans just did this they all floated and went all over the place it was an absolute disaster so i thought what am i going to do to be able to hold those cans down while i fill it full of water and then freeze it so what i did was cut another lid the same size as the one beneath the water holes match up and then to hold everything nice and tight i made these little wooden blocks which will fit over the lid and underneath the bottom and hopefully that should keep everything nice and tight during the filling up process and the freezing process and here's the setup with those blocks in place and i've also got one across the center here on the top to stop those sides from expanding during the freezing process right oh here we go fingers crossed [Music] so far nothing's moving which is good last time when i got to this stage all those cans had started to pop up so it's looking good so far now we probably need to fill it up to about three quarter the height of those cans because that ice will expand so i reckon i should just about do it let's see if we've got any leaks okay no leaks so far that's looking good i think we're ready to start freezing okay into the freezer it goes and we'll come back tomorrow when that's a solid block of ice good night now while we wait for the freezer to do its thing it's a good time to quickly glue and screw the beer take together and then finish it off with a couple of coats of clear satin varnish [Music] okay come to papa my little tray of icy goodness oh check that out looking good so now we can

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