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BREAKING: A cheaper table saw that won’t cut you! (And 8 other COOL tools!)

welcome back for a special edition of Cool Tools we usually do a Cool Tools episode about every other month like six or seven a year but as winter begins and folks start setting aside their outdoor activities and getting into their shops more we enter what a lot of people especially in Industry call woodworking season yes that's the thing even in cold climates and to kick that off I always like to make a special November and a December Cool Tools video I know a lot of you look forward to these because I saved some of the most interesting tools for this episode and I'm sometimes able to negotiate a few special prices for you especially this time of year so be sure to use the links below either by expanding the video description you usually got to click on something for that or you can find them pinned to the top of the comment section and as always any sponsor involvement is disclosed down there and on the screen at the beginning of the video this is going to be a really good one we have eight really cool tools so let's get started I've had several miles craft tools on this series in the past because they're actually of really good quality for the price and the Grabber Pro is a perfect example now just looking at it you can see that this is obviously not something that they invented but they made it more affordable significantly so and that's a good thing because this will make your table saw safer to use on the bottom are grippy pads to control both halves of a work piece throughout the cutting process while the angled handle on top encourages pressure against the fence and down on the table at the same time now this greatly reduces the chance that an off cut will turn and bind between the blade and the fence which is a major cause of Kickback and amputations the body of The Jig also bridges over the top of the saw blade protecting your hand should something go wrong if you don't have a blade guard installed you can even use two of them together to walk longer rips through the blade for a more fluid smoother feed with a maximum control and protection because every situation is different the Grabber Pro is adjustable you can change the configuration of the soles to cut strips as narrow as an eighth of an inch without cutting into the block if you want extra stability for narrow work pieces you can lower the support foot on the side and there's a removable replaceable sacrificial heel catch on the back for even more pushing power I make as many Cuts as possible with my table saws blade guard in place but when you do have to remove the guard or if your saw doesn't have a guard this is a significant safety upgrade in my opinion and it can be used on the router table on the jointer even on the bandsaw so you're going to get a lot of use from your investment as I said it's significantly less expensive than the other version on the market yet the build quality is excellent and the Grabber Pro comes with both quarter inch and eighth inch thin strip attachments right out of the box and when you consider that I think it comes in at almost half the price so do yourself a favor and use the link below this video to check it out for yourself if you use a shop vac to collect dust from small power tools like Sanders and rotors you know what a pain it is that everyone seems to have a different size port I solved this problem years ago when I got the dust right flexi Port hose kit it comes with a small and a medium adapter and there are a couple more sizes available I believe but you don't have to have an exact size because they're made from a durable rubber that stretches over many different port sizes the adapters easily screw onto the hose which is included and it extends up to 12 feet it also fits in a standard two and a quarter inch vacuum port I really consider this kit to be essential in any Workshop it's going to save you a lot of frustration when you use a shop vacuum for Sanders or routers really all sorts of tools I've had mine for I believe six or seven years and it's still in great shape and it's something I reach for still on a regular basis check it out at the link below the video everyone who watches this channel knows that I've used isotunes Bluetooth hearing protection for many years ever since I found the company when they were just a startup in a tiny Woodworking Show Booth I think in Atlanta I immediately knew that that is something that I'm going to use in the shop every day and I've never looked back well in the years since I've been able to develop a relationship with the family that makes these and I'm able to sometimes get special deals for my audience on various models this I think is has got to be one of the best deals I've ever negotiated their light model which is a great set of bluetooth earbuds with a 10 hour battery life 26 decibels of noise reduction to protect your ears and special fins for a more comfortable fit are on sale right now for 30 percent off plus I got them to offer another 15 off for my viewers now the best part is that 15 percent comes after the 30 discount is applied so they end up compounding to nearly thirty dollars off you'll have to use my link below to get that deal and it's only until the 30th of this month after that you can use the other link that I'm going to leave below to get a 10 discount that's nice but it's not close to 30 bucks so watch the rest of this video then click the link and head over there two years ago I told you about narex Richter chisels which I still believe are among the best I have ever used especially for the price and this is another cool tool that has a special discount that I thought I would tell you about right now it's 15 off if you use the link below now if you want to know why I love these so much here's some highlights from that original review segment these here are different these chisels are a special edition named after vaclav Richter who is a Village Blacksmith in the Czech Republic who started making and selling chisels and gimlets in 1919. it was his shop that grew into the near X Factory where they still make chisels using Old World drop forging techniques so a hundred years after Mr Richter made his first chisel nerex decided to honor him by producing a set of Ultra Premium chisels that rival anything that there is on the market first of all they are stunning to look at they put a great deal of effort into the fit and finish all the Steel Services are polished to a mirror finish the handles are made from domestically harvested European Ash with stainless steel ferrules and leather washers they're comfortable to hold and grip this is not your typical chisel steel it's a high-tech alloy with chromium for enhanced hardenability and Vanadium for grain reduction and greater toughness but after drop forging and initial hardening they cryogenically freeze the steel in liquid nitrogen to minus 190 degrees Fahrenheit this Alters the steel on the molecular level greatly increasing its strength and

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