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Can your tape measure do this?? Lexivon 2 in 1 Digital laser and tape measure

welcome to sawdust and wood today i got a cool video it's a tape measure that lexi vaughn has sent me hold on one second if y'all appreciate what i do and like my videos please take a moment right now and subscribe to the channel and share this information with anybody you can it always helps all right let's get to it this is a 16 foot tape measure it has standard and it has metric on it and it's a laser 130 foot laser let's go check this thing out and see how it works [Music] [Music] [Music] do [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] one foot eight and a half on the money so from foot and a half a little bit better was accurate to the teeth just push the button right here to turn it on check this out when i push this button again the laser's on see the laser right now push it again look what that says 33 feet 10 and 7 8. now watch i can take another measurement and it's going to record my last one watch this i'll shoot the roof on the neighbor's house i can't steady my hand enough so i'm gonna do the fence again different spot in the fence now look how it did it took both measurements it's got the previous one at the top so it records two measurements in a row and it does the best when you hold it so watch i'll put it against right here one thing you got to remember the laser measures from the back of the tape measure so when you put this tape against something the laser comes off the back so i'm gonna put the back against this pole take a measurement of the fence lays our own get it sturdy thirty foot nine inches now if i hold this down it switches to metric look at that so now we in metric then if i push it down again and go back to inches and if i hold it down it's just going to go off all right so this coffee cup will be available soon once we get the website up and running so stay tuned for that i'll announce it here's what you get here's the tape measure here you go you push this button on the side to turn the laser on and then you push it to get your measurement it gives it to you just like that then right here you got a nice rubber coated in on the tape measure and if you look at it it auto locks you just pull it out and it locks you push this red button to retract it on this side you got feet in inches if you flip it over here you also have feet and inches but you also have the metric system on the bottom alright that's how you roll it up this is the box it comes in measures up to 130 feet also you have a 16 foot tape measure down to 1 16 of an inch in three minutes if you don't use it it automatically shuts off the laser so it doesn't burn the battery up so when you get this one thing that's pretty cool is you open it up and where the batteries go you actually need a little screwdriver well guess what they supply that in the box a little phillips screwdriver also comes with a two year warranty just register at go check these guys out they make great tools an alexavon tape measure get sawdust in woods stamp of approval [Music] thanks for watching and y'all have a great day [Music]

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