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Complete Gable Roof Build! Full instructions for beginners!

welcome to sawdust and wood this has been a video i've been wanting to do for a while and i got some walls built we're going to frame a gable roof and i'm going to teach you exactly how to do it this is not going to be a short video and i'm going to try to get through every step as quickly as possible let's get to it all right so when you get to your roof these long walls are called through walls these two walls on the inside are called butt walls they butt up to the through walls so what you want to do is you want to pull a length of your through wall we're going to do mark out we're going to do layout right here so we're going to have a raptor right here on the edge then we're going to come down 16 on center right here put that mark now come on down here put that mark and then the next mark's gonna be here on the edge so the same way here 16 32 and i have one here now to figure out how long the raptors need to be what we want to do is we're going to pull the span of the the um wall is three foot so you want to take half of that so it's gonna be one foot six inches one foot six inches one foot six inches now remember the one foot six inches that's what we're going to use to calculate our rafters then you can grab your speed square come right here and mark your um your rafter plates where they're gonna be here here and that's going to be centered above wall right here is my mark that's one foot one foot six inches is the half span one foot six inches see if i have a raptor here raptor here raptor here right there there all right let's get our raptors cut all right so we're doing an eight and 12 pitch so we got one foot of run fourteen and three eighths and then we got to six inches seven and a quarter add those up and you're going to roughly get 21 and 7 8 inches so what i'm going to do is take my speed square on the common raptor line right here this is your commons i'm gonna hook on to the end i'm gonna get it set to eight see i'm on eight right here at the edge of the board make my mark now pull my tape 21 7 8 right here now i'm gonna come back with my speed square on eight i'm on that mark all right now i got to make the seat cut is with the bird mouth the bird's mouth look how i got my framing square it goes on that line now since the top plate is three and a half inches wide i want full bearing of the bird's mouth on the top plate see how i have it adjusted right here until it's three and a half mark that line all right now to put two inches overhang really easy take my framing square go back on this line at two inches right here grab your speed square go to eight again make your mark that's your two inch overhang cut your bird's mouth you want to cut your plum cut right here now what you want to do is cut this out trace it onto another one and make sure your raptors fit all right now once you got your raptor marked up let's go ahead and cut it we're gonna cut the plum cut right here cut the bird's mouth i watch the sponge cut to get it i'm gonna plunge cut the saw [Applause] cut the tail okay now you want to trace this onto another board and get two pairs i mean one pair see how they fit all right so i got my two pieces let's see how they fit and they look like they fit good now what we're gonna do now i didn't do this at first i need to come back and deduct three quarters of an inch of each plumb cut so the ridge board can fit right up in there just like this what you want to do is get your framing square you're doing three quarters of an inch get on an angle mark three quarters target again square and go to eight all right i'm going to cut this piece the same thing over here speed get your regular square go to three quarters mark it speed square now the only reason i didn't do this when i first cut this off it's just because i wanted to show y'all i would have deducted this for my measurement when i first cut this to begin with [Music] [Applause] [Applause] all right now we got room for the ridge board to fit and since we know these fit i'm going to go ahead and use this one as my pattern put a p on it what i'm gonna do is get a block of wood and put right here it's gonna make it really easy for me to trace out everything it's gonna screw this board right here now what i could do is when i got my next board to cut [Applause] i will be able to just put this piece on here and it will hold it straight for me and now i can just mark the rest of my rafters out and cut them now i'm gonna cut six more rafters and we'll come back all right now see this is so key because i can quickly line my boards up and make accurate marks this little piece on the top is perfect so see now i can speed cut all these rafters and get it done [Music] okay now now i've got the ridge board here this is going to run in the middle of the roof like so don't look at my walls it's four foot so we're gonna we're gonna let this ridge board for front and back overhang let's say three inches so we're gonna cut this four foot because that's the outside the outside of the wall we're gonna add six inches okay that's this mark right here four foot six inches that being said i'm gonna use two by fours my fascia and i only want three inches overhang so it's an inch and a half thickness on each end so i need to double that number and go back and subtract three inches off here so once my um my trim is on the outside it's exactly three inches the thickness of your fascia board you gotta deduct off so i'm gonna cut this mark real fast and i'll show you how we're gonna mark out this ridge board [Applause] [Applause] now we're going to set this at three inches right here and then it should be a three inches here basically an inch and a half i'm sorry because it's over here let's see it unless all right so all i'm gonna do now is transfer my marks be a raptor right here and you can pull the tape on here but since i got just this little small roof there's no need to run the tape on you i know where my rafters are going to fall at all right so now i got the ridge board marked and you got two people to set your ridge what you would do is you would get these rafters here put a nail in them like this on the bottoms and then do the same and you another guy would raise the ridge just like this and put it in place but since i'm doing this with screws i'ma go ahead and take my time get everything screwed in first one in that'll come right here [Music] [Music] [Music] be a lot quicker for your nails [Music] [Music] all right now let's see if we can raise the ridge [Music] raise that ridge board right up into here i got marks right here [Music] [Music] all right so i made a mark on each of the end rafters what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna notch them an inch and a half deep the size of a tooth that's the width of a two by four then i'm gonna plunge cut them oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so now i got these notches and if you wonder what they for we'll check this out remember when i did this overhang right he

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