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Countersink | Pre Drill Bit Set | Kobalt

when it comes to countersink or pre-drilled bit sets the cobalt drill and driver set has been my go-to for almost 15 years so let's take a look at and talk about some of its pros and cons there are many different options for countersink sets out there like that higher in woodworking sets like Wood River or the lower end sets like Kerwin when it comes to carpentry tasks I found that the cobalt tool works extremely well and here's why with a cobalt set and other sets like it pre drilling countersinking and screwing can be done in the same setup what this does is limits the amount of time needing to change bits or the need for multiple drills this set comes with three countersink or pre drill bit sizes a number six and eight and a ten it also comes with another bit setup that is designed just for pre drilling with no countersink the speed in which you can transition from countersinking to screwing is incredibly fast that's why when you're faced with multiple carpentry woodworking tasks this bit is a time-saver there's one downside to this bit and it may be with other bits as well and that is its longevity over the past decade I've probably replaced it four or five times when this thing fails it fails here in the locking mechanism there's a little ball pin inside that holds the bit set in the holder once this breaks the bits that will no longer stay locked in the holder I'm not sure why this happens maybe it's just overuse because I use it a lot or maybe I'm just asking too much out of a tool but either way I keep buying them because I really think they work well regardless if you buy this bit setup or another one having the pre-drill and the bit and the same set up is extremely convenient and like I said very fast so thanks for watching today's video if you liked it please hit the thumbs up and I'll see you all next Tuesday you

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