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Creating Awesome Spin Art with a Cordless Drill!

g'day folks Uncle neck is here now look last week I received a ton of comments on My Boomerang video regarding the funky paint job and how I did it so I've decided to show you how I achieved that look but this time on an actual canvas and just to make it a little more interesting at the end of the video I'll put the finished art piece up for sale with all proceeds going to charity so dig deep because you never know you may just be buying the next Blue poles by Jackson Pollock just cyan okay to get this show on the road you are going to need a few supplies starting off with a basic canvas which you can pick up from places like Kmart for around six bucks a pop which is pretty good but just make sure that the canvas is pre-primed as that will help the paint to flow across the surface during the spitting process and it also stops that beautiful paint from being sucked into the canvas now for Spin Art to work you need to be able to attach a drill to the back of the canvas which can be simply achieved for either screwing or nailing a board to the back of that canvas just make sure that the board is in the center of the frame to keep everything balanced during the spinning process if you don't you'll find that your drill will be wobbling all over the shop making it very difficult to control now to attach the drill to the board you can either just drill a hole through the board insert a bolt tighten with a flat washer spring washer combo and you're good to go [Music] foreign or you could get a bit fancier like I have here and attach a vertical Furniture plate with a bolt screwed through the center and then tighten down using a flat washer spring washer combo [Music] and my advice if you're planning on doing multiple canvases is to go with the more secure vertical Furniture plate option since we're talking about art how do you get an Arts major student off your doorstep pay for the pizza [Music] was that wrong very naughty Shane and inappropriate okay with everything now set up I think it's finally time to rock and roll so for today's artwork I want it to be bright and colorful and as you can see I think I've got that brief pretty well covered alrighty come on let's do this now I've got to say this part is incredibly nerve-wracking but also exciting at the same time because you just don't know how this thing's going to finish up so wish me luck fingers crossed let's give it a crack [Music] bit of black don't be shy with it a bit of Orange who doesn't love a bit of Orange color so vibrant yeah a bit more black I reckon finish it off a few pinch Stripes fluoro pink beautiful color alrighty let's give her a spin [Music] we're about ready to take off all right check that out that is a work of art love it alrighty version one turned out fantastic let's have a crack at version two bit of yellow take off the cap hopefully I got enough paint left look at that hey how good's that look now a dash of Orange come on work with me dash of black don't be too precious rip into it it's a white ah it's looking good look at that cover it all up that's it you have some beautiful pink oh I've got some left that's good oh she's running out and I reckon a touch more black [Music] it may be a bit of Orange a bit more yellow [Music] let's give it a go ofy okay shuttle down [Music] mate that looks awesome which one do you like version one or version two let me know down below love it now like all famous works of art I think this one deserves a name so I'm thinking about calling it maybe psychedelic spinnerama sounds pretty catchy or at least that's what chat GPT told me to call it anyway if you'd like to bid on this one-off Priceless piece of artwork with all proceeds going to charity check out the description box down below where I'll leave all the relevant details could be yours so what are you waiting for get involved have some fun thanks for watching and I'll see you on the next one cheers

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