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Cut Your Board To Short? Easy Fix

today I'm gonna show you what to do if you cut a baseboard a piece of crown molding or even a regular piece of wood just a little too short maybe eighth of an inch to a quarter of an inch I'm going to show you how you can repair it sand it down and paint it and save yourself a trip to the lumber yard and save a little bit of money and time as you can see here I have two small pieces of Pine and this is going to do two things the first thing it's going to do is help keep the board straight so they'll be aligned and it's also going to be a hard barrier to mold my farm so when I put the super glue and baking soda it's going to catch the form of the board on the outside please when you mix super glue and baking soda together something really interesting happens it gets hot and that's because the two ingredients start to work together very quickly it's like fast forwarding a movie we call this an exothermic reaction the baking soda helps the super glue work faster and harder than usual it's just like a coach pushing an athlete to their limits this makes the final Bond much stronger than Super Glue on its own making it a great option for tough jobs [Music] as you can see I have all my bracing and tape off of this piece of wood and I'm turning it over and I'm patching up any holes that was missed earlier trying to be as careful as possible not to make a big clump of hard super glue and baking soda that I had to sand down afterwards if y'all interested in purchasing this glue that I'm using in this video in the video description I'll have the website it'll be an active link you can click and I'll also have a discount code that's linked to me thank you all for watching y'all are the best I tell everybody who asks me how is my channel doing I tell them it's awesome because I have the best audience in the world thank you all for watching y'all have a awesome day and enjoy the rest of the video [Music] thank you

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