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DID YOU KNOW THIS ABOUT A STRING LINE?? How I tie my string line

if you like the content i'm putting out before we get started please take a moment and subscribe and share the video welcome to sawdust and wood today i want to show you how to use a string line for different applications of carpentry a string line will make sure that a tight string line will make sure that everything is straight now for an example i got a string line right here on my fence i just built and every board up to it so my fence runs completely straight at the top now i'm going to show you how to tie the string line and i'm going to give you an example on walls if you were trying to straighten walls out so your raptors fit perfect because if you don't straighten your walls out your rafters will not fit they'll be in they'll be out a little ways so let's get into it here's a good example of use of a string line i build my fence and this is the front of the fence facing the road so i got the level here of the front fence and i ran a string line all the way to the back and i just got each board right up to the top of that string line and your fences will plane in perfect all right so let's say you want to check this top plate make sure everything is straight on top so what you want to do is get you they all got to be the same with blocks so this is two by four so we're gonna do is we're gonna get this piece two by four nail it up here come right here with it nail it up all right now from this point on what you're going to do is get your hammer and nail get your hammer and nail and you're gonna nail you a nail about halfway in on the edge right here just like this right on the edge of that board and you want to come over here and do the same thing [Music] all right you got those nails in now you're on to your string line let's go over the snot real simple watch me pull it together like this kind of around your thumb tuck it through pull it out really doesn't matter what knot you put right you just want to be tight pull your string around let's get over here all right listen you want to start making this loop about right here a little bit shorter than your nail because you want to pull the slack out to get a really tight string so look just as the string is right here i'm going to put my finger in and just start looping probably make about eight or ten loops then look i stretch it and i hook that loop right there then i take the rest of the string and i'll pull it tight right here get it really nice and tight [Music] wrap it wrap it then i put like a little half hitch right here and fold that tight and you got a very nice and tight string you go down the wall take your two by four block and if it fits just perfect you know you're good here wherever you would see a gap would indicate you need to go in or out more see as you can see this wall is pretty straight but it's a short run and you run longer than that you're gonna you're gonna have some imperfections guaranteed all right i hope this cleared up everything about a string line if you got any questions ask them below y'all have a great day

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