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DIY Air Conditioner. Cold and Powerful!

g'day folks Uncle knackers here from DIY for Knuckleheads now look summer here in Australia can be an absolute scorcher and spending any time in a workshop at certain times of the day can be unbearable hmm I wonder if I can make an air conditioner DIY Style made from pellets plywood and a few other bits and Bobs starting off with trying to locate a secondhand Esky which isn't going to cost an arm and a leg there you go check out the snowball and it's only two bucks perfect and then the lady in the shop said that she was having a half price sale for that day so that came down to one dollar bargain okay let's stop mucking around and get this show on the road by cutting out the pieces for the carcass that we are going to insert our Esky into now for this I'm using a sheet of 17 millimeter black form ply which I've had left over from a previous project but in actual fact you can use anything you like which you may find just lying around the workshop thank you [Music] once all the pieces are cut screw those sides together till we've made ourselves a nice little box and as per usual with all my builds I have the obligatory prototype logo that I need to emblaze in on the side of the project using my Nifty little handheld router to create a recess in the plywood which I then place an image transfer onto [Music] I like it yeah I've got to tell you it's so hot here in a workshop the sooner I get this job done the better I'm sweating more than a gypsy with a mortgage okay time to cut and clad the carcass in pallet wood but first I want to make that pellet wood a little more interesting so a quick hit with some black paint followed by a good sand to remove the excess black paint and then we finish up with a more rustic and appealing looking board [Music] speaking about pellets unfortunately I've just received some bad news at the Nestle factory today a member of staff was seriously injured when a pallet of chocolate fell more than 50 feet and crushed him underneath poor guy he tried in vain to attract attention but whenever he shouted the Milky bars are on me everybody cheered [Applause] the Milky bar kid folks 1980s television I love the good milky bar [Music] now cutting the boards to different widths adds some interest to the box and then those boards I just simply mailed on using a nail gun and once those boards are attached make the lid and screw it to the Box using a couple of butt hinges and for those 13 year olds out there yes I said but now using a router is an easy way to check in those hinges for a nice flat finish but using a chisel will also do the job nicely [Music] alrighty with that pallet wood box now built the next thing we need to do is I've got myself this El Cheapo battery powered fan so I'm going to recess that into the top around about bearish then I've got this plastic flange I'll drill a hole for that round about there and screw that down and then I'll just simply place in my plastic pipe and boom we're ready for action and hopefully fingers crossed with this full of ice and that fan fully cranked up we'll have Arctic type temperatures streaming at the end of that pipe let's give it a crack now here's a big tip when using a router to cut out circles go down in small increments with each pass rather than cutting all the way through in one big hit there's less chance of you making a mistake and your router and router bit will thank you for it now the thought did cross my mind that some of that beautiful cold air May Escape between the lid and the box so I stuck on some weather seal Rubber and then attached an adjustable toggle latch which pulls down hard on the lid creating an almost airtight seal okay folks I think it's time to screw on some Wheels to make this Beast mobile and then once that's done all you need to do is to attach the fan to the lid too easy a quick paint job to the PVC flange and then just simply screw it down to the lid and then all that's left to do is to insert that 90 degree plastic pipe into the flange and we're ready to put this baby to its paces alrighty it's now time to place this PVC pipe into that flange now you may have noticed that I've given this a bit of a black paint job just to make it look a bit snazzier now I'm only going to dry fit this which means no glue that way I can then maneuver that pipe any direction I like depending on which way I want the airflow to travel environment it's a pretty hot day here today but inside the workshop with the thermometer inside our pipe here it is currently 30 degrees which is about 86 degrees Fahrenheit now as far as how powerful this motor is a I'll put some streams here for a bit of added dramatic effect I'll turn this on we'll see how it goes here we go oh look at that go now that is fantastic it's awesome okay you can go the blocks of ice plus a couple of extra tasty treats and we'll leave that go for about 20 odd minutes wait for the air inside to go cold then we'll crank up the fan and see how cold that air actually gets I'm excited okay folks time for the big test as you can see we're sitting on about 30 degrees Celsius which is about 86 degrees Fahrenheit let's place it in that PVC pipe crank up the fan and see how cold we can get this thing hang on a sec better put some blue tack on the thermometer I don't want that to blow away so there we go place them inside Crank It Up all righty we'll give that a few minutes see how we go now seriously that feels absolutely fantastic if we can get this down to about 20 degrees Celsius that would be awesome all righty we've now been going for about five minutes let's turn the fan off and check the temperature feels cold fantastic alrighty if I just focus that in you'll see that it's gone down to about 21 degrees which is absolutely awesome so on those stinking hot days it before air conditioner the acon 1000 is perfect whether you're working in the shed or they're sitting on the back deck having an icy cold beer it's a great little project and it's my entry into the mark Dana pallet wood challenge mark from Dana designs has a fantastic channel so make sure you check him out and good luck to all the other entrants cheese it's gonna tastes so good yeah they make it so cheap getting a bit chilly turn this thing down oh

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