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DIY Garage Makeover On A Budget! (This Trick Saved Me Thousands)

[Music] This Is My Sad Little Garage SL shop it's a disaster Zone but I'm going to turn it into this epic garage with Buu storage and killer style plus I'll show you how I saved thousands of dollars doing it welcome to Hackman y'all the first thing that I've got to do is get this mess out of here [Music] oh I'm sorry where was I oh yeah I got to get this mess out of here [Music] I'm actually running out of places to put all of this junk so I'm going to take this table that I've had for years and I'm going to add some Cabinetry to it and I'm going to build this all out of MDF sheets and MDF is heavy but this is on casters that can carry the weight and this is going to be super easy to work with I went online and used one of those free Cut cut sheet apps that plans out your cuts for you man that is freaking awesome it kept me from buying a couple extra sheets of MDF that I would have had to have stored after this project after moving everything out of the shop I couldn't find my glue bottle so I'm just using some mustard I found that this frenches worked really well [Music] [Applause] this shelf hole jig worked perfect for this project this table was originally built to include a vacuum system but I don't use that anymore so I'm going to go ahead and remove all of that no matter how many times I work on projects like this I never learned my lesson I always build things as tight as I possibly can and then I have to fight to fit them in just like I did when I built the chicken coup now you notice that I had to build a separate section over here and it's shallower and that's because I had to leave room for the router behind [Music] that this workbench has seen its share of abuse over the last several years so I'm just going to go and I'm going to fill in all of the screw holes the drill holes everything with Bondo [Music] [Music] n when I was cutting the cabinets out earlier I went ahead and also cut out these doors for the workbench and I'm just rounding those over [Music] now once again Craig to the rescue I'm using the Craig hinge jig to drill out for all the hinges on these doors [Music] now I can finally get all of my screws organized and what is this it's a box of Robbies man you Canadians you guys go crazy when you see these I'm old school Milwaukee I had no packout before they were called packout you can see these top three they they're not even the packout they're just the old system from years ago this in cabinet will be perfect for storing like spray glues and cans of spray paint my garage isn't very well lit so I keep a couple of these filming lights in here at all times to brighten things up but as you see they're kind of big and they take up a lot of floor space I want to get them out of here so I'm going to put a Fresh coat of paint on the ceiling and hopefully that'll brighten things up a [Applause] [Music] [Applause] I had to wire these Outlets up for what's coming next oddly enough on the radio Burning Down The House started playing which kind of freaked me out a little bit but fingers [Music] crossed okay let's seriously address the lighting issue now this is a hex light kit these put out about 66,000 lumens of light so it should really light it up in here the trick with hanging something this large and complicated on the ceiling kind of starts out with pre-planning I laid everything out on my garage floor and then I used my laser to transfer those marks to the ceiling and then I taped it out so I would know exactly where to put everything to hang these lights I highly suggest you have three daughters and a wife if you don't you probably need to call some buddies over it tells you to go ahead and put everything together before you hang it but as you can see it's pretty flexible and it's kind of sketchy if you don't have a bunch of people helping you [Music] T oh Lord Oh Lord we get that thing on the ceiling Lord that's going to be bright I had been looking at these lights for months and actually I was able to buy them at just the right time when they were on sale and I saved about $200 I think this whole setup was about 400 bucks are you ticking I fall off care hold two hands you got to hold that with two hands two hands two hands two hands stop the perimeter is just plugged in so that's going to stay on all the time we leave this light on anyway but the hex part is on a light switch oh yeah let's do [Music] this you know how sometimes before you buy something really big you think should I buy it should I not buy it is it worth it is it really going to be as awesome as I think it is let me tell you these lights are freaking amazing I did this wall several years ago and I don't think I got it clean enough whenever I put up these stick on fake wood pieces and so I'm having to go back now and fix all that I started out with the pin nailer I was trying to keep it small but I just got sick of it and just started putting Staples in [Music] I painted all of the doors in here the same color as the walls I just painted the walls flat and I painted the doors a semi gloss this cabinet I bought several years ago in my first garage makeover but it's just part of a hodg podge of different Cabinetry and colors in here that I don't like it's kind of blah looking so I'm just going to tape it up and paint it black [Music] [Applause] [Music] the same thing goes for these old Gladiator cabinets we probably bought these like 10 years ago and again they're just kind of blah looking so I'm going to paint them by the way all of this paint that I'm using on this project is a paint that is designed to go over metal this is what I keep my miter saw on it's just an old piece of junk cabinet box that I've had forever and I threw some casters on the bottom of it and I've been using it for years it's worked fine but it's a pain in the butt today I got a delivery now my miter saw is a Bosch and I love it so naturally I was going to get the Bosch miter saw stand however it cost more than double what the rigid mitera stand cost and they basically look and work the same so guess what rigid for the win and while I'm making Everything Mobile and more accessible I'm going to go ahead and put together this mobile base for my drill press next step on my to-do list is to figure out a way to organize the plywood that I keep back here in this corner as it is now I can't even get to most of the wood whenever I need it this is where the plywood is always kept and it's always kept back here but I was going to build a plywood cart that's hinged right here on this corner and it would swing out so that you could access putting plywood in and taking plywood out and swing it back over here out of the way I think I'm going to change the whole layout the silver cabinet that I painted black was going to go over here but I think I'm going to move it over here and and then I'm going to put the plywood cart back over here all let's see what's in the shed here see if I can save some money this where I keep all

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