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DIY Storage Solution With A Secret (You Won’t Believe How It Works!)

do you ever feel like you don't have enough storage space well today I'm going to show you how I built a cabinet that lets you fit 15 or even 20 ft of Cabinetry on 9 ft of wall space welcome to Hackman y'all I found an amazing storage system online that will hold all of my stuff but the problem is it costs between $5 and $7,000 it's an amazing system if you can swing it but I'm going to build my version for a fraction of that cost the inspiration cabinet using a pallet rack for the frame but by the time I order a pallet rack and get it shipped to my house I'm over 1,000 bucks so I'm going to be using 4x4s and I paid 60 bucks for four of them I'm marking out for a doo cut on these 4x4s for a lap joint I just bought this radial arm saw for a 100 bucks off of Facebook Marketplace it's in pristine condition I wanted to use it as a dedicated dat saw and I'll show you why they quit selling these to consumers in 5 4 3 2 one right now I'm trying to figure out do I let go of the saw do I let go of the 4×4 I chose the 4×4 because there's no trigger on this you have to flip the switch above you so your hands got to come off of something yeah I guess that's why they're dangerous after a brief underwear check I was good to go to finish these D Cuts however I did a shallow pass first and then went back and did a second cut for the full depth I can tell you that for over 20 years I have used pretty much every woodworking tool every construction tool there is like every day thousands of times nothing gives you the pucker Factor like a radial arm saw that thing is nuts next I cut some 2x4s down to the full width of how big I want this cabinet to be I'm going with 3 ft but you could make it 3 ft 4T any size in between I'm going to put these 2x4s across here and look we're not building Fine Furniture here okay it's it's a storage cabinet I can screw these down but let's get a little bit of forcer bit action going on [Applause] picked up these lag screws this morning hold on a second hold on okay I say this in several of my videos but you know not everybody understands it your screw has an inner diameter and an outer diameter this is the inner diameter you want to match your drill bit up to that size or you could go slightly smaller and that way just your threads will grab the wood and uh you won't be you know breaking off screws or having a really hard time driving it I could never Focus oh my gosh I know with you you always have that problem sometimes sometimes I can't focus either I want to get this really really get the glue on there good for [Music] strength that wasn't the glue bottle by the way I really thought it was and I was like oh my gosh you just did that for real washer lag screw all right I got to build one more of these okay with the two supports built I'm going to paint them black I'm using I think this is made by Benjamin Moore Coronado multip multiply it's multiply paint it used to be called rust scat and the reason I love this is because you can paint it over wood you can paint it over metal it's specially formulated for that so I spent weeks trying to figure out how a guy like me who cannot weld could build this system and make it work just like the one that you can buy cuz the problem is I can only figure out how to make the cabinets pull out like a pantry where I would have to put a pantry slide in here for each individual cabinet but I wanted it to work just like the one you can buy where they slide side to side and you walk in them like a hallway Not only was it going to cost a lot to make them roll out because I'd have to use Pantry slides for each one but I would also need 3 ft of space in front of each cabinet at all times so that I could access it now the other option would be to use casters but the problem with casters is when they sit down on the ground and you're moving in One Direction they move linearly but then whenever you go back they swing around and that means that the cabinet would do that every time that I wanted to spin it around I didn't want to do that plus I'd also have this really tall cabinet that had a lot of weight in it and I just felt like it would be really tipsy so finally one night on my 27457 75,000 search I found it to explain how I'm going to make this work I need to go back one week into the past hey I'm last week Adam and this is strut Channel now if you're an electrician or a plumber or work in HVAC you're probably familiar with this but if you don't you're wondering what is strut Channel it provides a mounting solution for things like duct work for HVAC or conduit things like that but it's also used in factories where they mount it overhead to move heavy objects from one end of the factory to another and the way they do that is by using this this is a trolley take the strut Channel mount it overhead trolley slides inside the strut Channel and just like that youve got a way to move things this particular trolley is rated for between 300 and 600 lb the rating actually changes depending on how fast you roll it obviously I'm not going to be rolling it far or fast the strut channel is rated for 3,000 lb now for this build I'm going to be using two strut channels so I'm good for 6,000 lb and I'm going to have four trolleys on each cabinet so there is no way that weight is going to be an issue you can buy this at Lowe's or Home Depot do make sure you get the 12 gauge Channel though so that it can carry that weight one of the best things about strut channel is it requires zero welding it's like a giant erector set for adults you have these clamps that fit around the channel and then you bolt those clamps to whatever structure is going to be carrying the weight of this whether that's the ceiling or a palet rack system not only is this the perfect solution to my problem but it also costs less than using a bunch of heavyduty slides okay back to you Adam you're the man no you're the man no you are N I love you bro with the slide situation resolved I just had to figure out how I'm going to support everything so I could take a couple of 2×10 on each side and and I could sister sandwich scab whatever you want to call it them together and that would be strong enough I'm pretty sure for 9 ft to carry that weight and then I could use the aformentioned hangers like I talked about but to prevent any sag whatsoever I'm going to do a ensy winsy bit of welding I'm using 2×6 tubing because I want this to be super strong and we're going to weld it because basically if I use the brackets to hang it then I'm going to lose even more space where by welding it everything's going to be nice and secure and uh I'm not going to lose a couple inches of height by doing that and my friend Travis has volunteered to teach an idiot how to weld today so yeah we're good at that I forget exactly what Travis was saying here something about smiley faces and mustaches all right excellent for your first time cool mhm that's very shot [Music] of I didn't think about this in

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