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hey guys welcome back today i wanted to kind of go over something that i feel is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of a family's kind of preparedness or emergency kit and that is a first aid kit and not just a bur uh not just a basic first aid kit but something uh with more trauma i guess would be the word um supplies in it this particular bag that i've got here is called the adventure kit 2.0 this is from refuge medical they didn't pay me for this ad i bought this bag myself it's a high quality bag this is made in america it's a good company there are lots of good first aid kit companies out there there's a lot of bad ones too so after doing my research i felt like this was the best way to go for me good guys they do a lot of good charitable work and stuff too so that's why i went with them you know a lot of times people that shoot will they think about stuff like this because if you know how to make holes you should know how to plug holes as the saying goes so like i've got an ifak that i take with me whenever i go to the range an ifak is an individual first aid kit i don't know really i mean they call this their adventure kit it's kind of a fact kind of a family first aid kit but anyway they say that this is for boo-boos to broken bones to bullet holes let's see what's in here i've actually already used this kit a few times and kim has used it you know we keep this kit in the car so that it's always here when we're at the house it's here we know where to go get it we go somewhere it's in the back of the car now they sell these kits and like you can get them in i think probably like an outdoor green and a coyote tan or a flat dark earth i don't know something like that i went with the red in case there is an emergency i can tell somebody hey it's the red bag in the back of the car as i said these kits are made in america this bag is made in america you can see right here on the tag that's good to see that let's just kind of go through the bag and see what's in here the first thing trauma shears now you've probably seen if you watch let me just say this real quick too i'm not qualified to try to use any of this stuff okay i'm just a regular guy who has i've taken some courses on how to use a lot of this stuff but i'm certainly not in any way capable of showing you how to use any of this i'm just going to show you what's in the bag and why it's good to have this stuff anyway trauma shears these are really good ones these are from north american rescue they have a oxygen tank wrench built into them you've probably can you see that camera person hug my face you've probably seen like doctors on tv maybe even doctors in real life using these let me show you what you're what they are good for so let's say you've got an injury underneath your jeans okay and these jeans right here what are these oh you know what these are from the last time i went to taco bell i've had to do this before somebody has an injury you open up your knife and you're like you do that and you're trying to cut away to get to the injury highly unsafe because you could you know jug the person you're trying to help so the trauma shears really good for for that right there i'm gonna save these maybe a nice pair of cut-off shorts for the summer next thing is a cat tourniquet this is probably one of the most important things to have in here even if you don't have an entire emergency medical bag if you only get one thing this should probably be what you get as a cat tourniquet and i'm not going to explain how to use these but what what are really good about these is these are for one person to be able to use on themselves very easily and um you know i guess i'll kind of show you how it goes anyway they come when you buy new they're wrapped you should stage them they call it where it gets them easy to put on yourself so what happens is let's say let's say you're in a car wreck and you're bleeding out of your arm you can bleed out and i think three seconds through a major artery so what you do is you throw this on one-handed wrap it up start to twist and basically you just twist until the bleeding stops that goes right there finish wrapping that's your time strap there then what you would want to do is write what time the tourniquet went on and that way people just kind of have a record i think these two people thought that they could only stay on for a couple hours but now they can stay on for 24 hours again i'm not qualified to teach you how to use any of this stuff but that's what that's for like i said these are good if you have nothing else to have these okay next thing to come out of here this is an olay's bandage i'm not going to take this out this is kind of a newer better version of an israeli bandage you can see that it comes you know they want to make sure that all this stuff stays sanitary so that's why it's packaged like that okay here's the other thing this is a swat tea i'm gonna go ahead and take this out so that you can see what this is these are good for children to put on small children because the uh the cat tourniquet might be a little big you might not be able to get that down tight enough on a child and kind of what this is is it's almost just a big piece of rope man smells good smell that smell that you smell that smells like uh yeah it almost smells like uh like an orange sickle or something maybe it's just cause my brain is seen at orange but and i am not proficient at putting one of these on but everybody that knows how to do this is going to watch this and be like you idiot basically you would just wrap this around yourself as tight as you could and then you tuck it down into itself which i'm not doing a good job of okay so there is a uh a way of doing that and i have seen where they have said i didn't think i saw it on um bear independent is the channel of the guy who owns refuge medical and i think one of the guys there was saying that he actually cuts these in half so that he has them for kids so he's got two for kids so there you have another tourniquet very easy to put on somebody else sharp shuttle okay that's for putting needles stuff like that anything that might be you don't want to contaminate yourself with anything you want to put it in there there's one of the packs that comes in it this is ipads you can see here eye protectors galls let's see what have we got here 4×4 three by three and two by two gauze sponges for eye wounds uh refuge medical i think they say that this is their uh boo boo to broken bones to bullet holes kit so that's why you'll see there's some stuff in here that's minor for minor injuries and some stuff for major stuff so as we talk about major stuff this is their suture surgical kit this has stuff basically for wound closure a lot of galls in here there are scalpels in here you know nice stuff my way of looking at this is a lot of this stuff like here you know i don't know how to do uh wound closure with sutures and stuff but i may be aroun

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