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Don’t Buy A Truck Bed Slide And Drawers!

this truck beds sliding drawers project nearly broke me not my wallet just my will to continue that's no good I thought it would take a day day and a half it took five days [Music] I had tools fail and it's coming off and I can't go buy that anywhere I failed look at that freaking angle how stupid my mic failed I failed holy crap this is the scariest thing I've ever routed chickens tried to sabotage me I just stepped in chicken but in the end it was totally freaking worth it welcome back hex Maniacs I've got a problem but not too long ago I did a video showing all the EDC truck gears that I keep in the back of my truck I use an old Nanook case from an old tool that I had and a Grizzly cooler it actually works pretty well other than the fact that it doesn't work at all and that's because every time I need something out of here it's a hassle to get up in here and get it just a lot of times I don't get the stuff that I need I just make do without it because I don't feel like undoing this whole setup back here so I'm going to build a set of drawers with a slide for the back of my lugout truck slash Adventure wagon slash grocery getter I like to start out with a really thorough and detailed plan then totally scrap it and wing it let's go get some wood [Music] other than eggs every day one of the side benefits of free-range chickens is they fertilize your yard the downside is they fertilize your driveway so every driveway project starts with a thorough wash there's lots of systems already available online and I've looked at them and I've used some of them in the past and they're all really good except for well the ones I fried are good anyway except for the fact that they take up too much space and I feel like there's a lot of wasted space another reason why I chose to do this myself is because most of the products that are available right now go from bedside to bedside and I already have these Molle panels installed and I don't want to lose that space [Music] barely into the project and I've hit my first problem I had to break out the table saw I was going to try to do all this with the track saw but this is like the cut strip right here and that's what you have to line up on your marks and it's coming off and I can't go buy that anywhere so I have to make do I've been trying to clean up the garage and I just rearranged everything because I was like I'm not really going to build anything for a while and then I'm building this behold the pocket towel jig I'll be honest with you I was about ready to give up when it's the door the little girl came up and said she'd help me if I'd make her a peanut butter and honey sandwich how could I refuse look at her I just realized that I did something unbelievably stupid look at that freaking angle how stupid I was getting flustered because the track saw was messing up and you can see right there he there it is squeezy bottle number two square drive greatest Drive ever I don't care what you say yes [Music] I just want to make sure that any drawer won't hit on the tailgate as it opens [Applause] thank you [Music] [Music] oh that's no good by the time I get the slide on here it's going to be a couple inches taller and the whole point of this is to keep all my stuff on my Molle panels so we'll see 24 hours later well I have the base and the bed of the truck I want to go ahead and figure out how to attach it and for that I'm going to be using these plus nuts now the way these work is this will act as a washer on one side of the bed and this will work as a nut on the back side of the bed and I'm going to put in this M8 bolt to hold everything together foreign ever [Music] it's almost like they were afraid you'd get it open [Music] to make sure it had a durable surface I just bought some of this DIY truck bed liner at local auto parts store [Applause] while I wait for that to dry I'm going to go ahead and cut the drawers out of this half inch plywood but not before I rinse some more chicken the driveway [Music] I'm on my way back from Ace Hardware where I went to go get some carpet tape and it's starting to drizzle and everything is outside uncovered amazing as I got closer to home quit hopefully it'll stay that way it is the project that does not want to be and I just stepped in chicken poop now you have you properly you would dado the sides for the bottom to slip in and you'd rabbit the front and back but he's a wise woman once said ain't nobody got time for that so I'm just going to be gluing it shooting it and screwing [Music] I ordered some 500 pound slides off the old winter web to hold the drawers and the top slide out [Music] okay here we go it's very scary very scary okay come here Lord of Mercy I'm gonna put a hole in me okay hold on right [Music] oh I didn't take bull trigger yet [Music] okay don't worry I'll tell you who are you doing go for it I'll go first [Music] okay [Music] it's going to be a draw nope I won I don't know where the slide is I don't know what I've done with it to help keep the plywood from blowing side to side in the middle I'm going to be using these three quarter inch aluminum square tubing to give support originally I was going to screw the aluminum from the top through the wood into the aluminum but as you see it's so thin that I didn't think the screw would hold very well not to mention it would be a nightmare lining these up down the bottom while screwing to them from the top so what I think I'm going to do instead is going to take this bit right here let me cover my face up and I'm going to drill a large hole in one side and a small hole in the other then I'm going to run these spax screws because they have a really aggressive thread on them thank you 36 holes box of 35 screws there was one extra screw in it I wear it out perfect okay now I can be honest with you and tell you the real reason why I did it this method was because all the screws that I bought at the hardware store yesterday I bought them all too short and I was like I don't feel like going to the store again so I decided to do it this way instead of drilling through the plywood and the metal and actually I think this is the better method and I think it's super clean looking so sometimes a problem can actually create a better solution [Music] I decided to lay carpet in the inside of the drawers and the top of the slide not only to make it nice and soft and comfy but it also makes it quieter and it saved me some money on the bed liner [Music] I had a slight miscalculation down here [Music] okay beautiful all right go ahead go ahead so you're going to turn around oh why is it not growing medicine all right slide it back now is it holding up I won't go it's hitting on the bottom the brace is holding it to be honest with you this is the first woodworking project I've worked on since my dad passed and the way this would have worked a year ago is I would have said hey I've got an idea for a bed slide in drawers can you figure this out for me he wou

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