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Don’t Make This Mistake When Buying A Tractor!

poet robert frost once said good fences make good neighbors that's true but you know what makes even better neighbors good tree lines good tree lines make fantastic neighbors welcome back friends today i've got some terrible news well let's be honest it's not terrible for you it's kind of terrible for me uh i'll get into that in a minute before i do that let's go visit the tractor and show you how i'm gonna remedy this problem i bought this tractor uh the kubota b2301 about a year ago and i freaking loved this thing i bought it originally to pull up a bunch of palmettos that's how i justified it to kim to remove some palmettos out of the backyard but there's one thing about it that i've grown to hate and it was a huge mistake that i made whenever i purchased this tractor it has depend on bucket and if all you ever want to do is use the bucket on your front loader that's totally fine but you probably will want to put attachments on there like i have been wanting to and you'll have to use proprietary attachments on my proprietary i'm inexpensive by going to a skid steer quick attach you can buy attachments that work on any tractor therefore saving you money and a lot of attachments are only made for that from what i can tell anyway listen i'm not a tractor expert but i play one on tv so i just ordered the quick attach from my local kubota dealer so one thing that i have to give at least my local kubota dealer credit for is that everything that i have searched to purchase online or from you know aftermarket versus buying from the dealer it has been far less to actually purchase from the dealer than to buy something aftermarket obviously some the right tool would be wonderful here but since i don't have it i hope i don't lose this something so simple yes [Music] so like an idiot when i was taking the spring clip off the other pin it came off amazingly easy in fact it flew over into the grass and there's no way that i can find it but what i do have is a neodymium magnet rare earth magnet these things are actually kind of dangerous you will you can hurt yourself if you get your skin between this and a piece of metal i want to run this over the ground see if i can actually find this thing my high-tech searching device didn't work what worked madison your sharp eyes found it [Music] [Applause] you had to do that every time you wanted to change attachments that would that would suck anyway um yeah i don't have a bucket for this because the bucket is actually on backorder it's supposed to be here in about a month so you may be asking yourself why did i do that well that is because behold the titan stump bucket madison would you would you do the honors caught it caught it caught it caught it madison caught it put it now put it caught it oh yo yo yo this i hope is the solution to the problem that i haven't told you that i have i've seen mitch from mja doing stuff use his stump bucket and i have envied it and so i finally bit the bullet went ahead and ordered everything let me show you my problem we live in a very densely populated area in fact the house that we lived in for 14 years was fortunate enough to have been built on two lots and those two lots combined were 45 foot wide by 100 foot deep and we hated living that tight cramped in neighborhoods and basically everywhere around us is like that so when this house came up for sale and it's on approximately three acres we were thrilled and we jumped at it and one of the things that we love about it is even though overall that's not a big piece of land comparatively to anybody else but from where we came from it was but one thing we loved was that we're surrounded by trees we can't really see any of our neighbors except for we have one house that's back here with us and they're great people but nobody even knows we're back here you can't see the road we don't have a marked road or anything so it's very private or so we thought then recently they came and cleared this lot across from us and when we were doing everything out here and planting everything we thought that this lot was part of the the neighbor on the next road we thought this was behind their house and we knew that they weren't ever going to do anything with that we didn't realize that this was a long narrow lot so now you can actually see the cars pass out here so anybody driving by can just see straight back in here why is that a problem well because recently we decided that you know we kind of make the front yard kind of the playground for the girls since it was so private back here but it ain't private no more you see see the cars passing by out there yeah that's a bummer so i'm gonna fix that and the way that i'm going to fix that is i'm going to start digging up trees since um we have so many trees on the property in the back part it's just totally uh forest back there we it's not cleared back there so i'm going to try to use this stunt bucket and move as many of those trees out here as i can and create a tree line out front for privacy we'll see how this goes bald eagles up there i don't know if you can see them or not might have heard him in the background while i was talking we always we always get these three bald eagles out here and of course that means the spirit of freedom is with us today all right so obviously i've never used one of these before and i'm sure there's a learning curve let's see how steep it is pretty excited about this i was if i had this when i dug up those palmettos out of the backyard um because i can already see that i've already shredded some of the palmetto roots that have reached out here let's go dig up a tree [Music] [Music] the question remains is this tree going to live after i transplant it i have no idea i hope so the whole reason why i'm doing this is because i don't know if you've ever priced out trees but they're pretty freaking expensive in fact like a six foot tall tree is like 200 bucks and i basically be buying the trees that are growing around my house why do that i thought i could just dig them up now this one this is just a baby okay the good news is i only have to dig up about 18 more that are about four times this size [Music] [Music] um [Music] do [Music] this one was a booger i don't know what is that maybe about 15 feet tall i dig that one up from behind the shed and i didn't even film it i think kim might caught some video of me dragging it over here knocking everything over [Music] there he goes another tree but you can see it doesn't even have limbs on one side and actually i would have liked to have turned it the other way the whole problem i'm having right now is that you know really you should be able to go around the tree that you're trying to move and dig up from each side and all of these are growing in the woods so i'm only able to get the ones that are on the you know on the outside edge so i'm only able to get one side of them so that's one of the concerns as far as i'm probably doing a little bit mo

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