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Don’t Make This Mistake With Your DIY Bed Slide!

welcome back x-maniacs last year I built this bed slide and drawer system for the back of my pickup truck and it is one of the most useful and quite frankly one of my most favoritest things I've ever built but then a few months back it had a catastrophic failure and almost killed someone on the highway so today I'm going to be fixing it a couple months back when we were traveling back from my sister's house this was after we were trying to save our Homestead from flooding we were on I-95 when this entire slide flew out the back of the truck it knocked open the tailgate kicked open the canopy and the entire slide was just barely hanging on it had a I don't know 200 pound stump bucket hanging off of it it almost killed someone in the middle of the highway it was at the end of that video and if you saw that video which you probably didn't since nobody watched it you would have seen this let me check this out [Music] oh my gosh so we almost lost everything [Music] okay there was one other loss that day though the mate to my beloved snake boot I saw it go flying out the back on the side of the road my only hope is that my loss could be a blessing to someone else perhaps some one-legged homeless man look at that shot see I just broke the wood all right let me gotta get this thing out here hmm oh there that is you know what stupid lavalier mic keeps coming loose so I'm just gonna I'm sorry I know it blows the illusion but for now you can just listen to heavy breathing pull oh my gosh I've told them you were strong before and then we get to hear don't embarrass me come on down this way come down this way all right come on lift there you go all right so her little fingers okay they're better [Music] thank you [Music] all right that ain't gonna do it we need something stronger that'll do pig oh are you kidding foreign I have one belt left one belt to the store uh well I got bad news because they don't sell these at the store these are Big Boy belts right here they're not for the Common Man is working so perfect too like I didn't hit anything that's the stupid glue failing on it murka merka you suck it's doing such a good job getting it so smooth oh [Music] okay [Music] I really want to do this as easily and as lazily as possible I don't want to pull this whole box out because that's a that's a major pain so what I'm just going to do is I'm just pull these slides out and that will give me access to the slides and um hopefully I can just unscrew them like that and to help me even make it even easier rally I'm gonna let you do it it's my gift thank you don't lose those don't lose them don't lose them um no no there's more here's more see he has been revealed to you oh my gosh you've got to line it up keep the drill lined up with your screw hey [Music] nice listen if I get to one of them in retire it's a whooping for you it's a whooping for you lovely lovely good job love totally macaroni there it is oh place a joke [Music] okay it's the other side [Music] I'm a unicorn one thing I've wondered about ever since the accident happened was how did the slide build up enough momentum how did it break free and build up enough momentum to knock the tailgate down when it only has about three inches of space here so these are 500 pound rated slides and you know the stump bucket probably weighs 100 to 200 pounds so nowhere near the limit and these slides are locking whenever I pushed it in maybe did one slide lock and one slide didn't did I just think I pushed it in all the way and it didn't lock I don't know it made me want to get different slides just to be safe so what did I find the same slides after searching I you know there are other manufacturers but basically they they all look like the same slide these slides are just made in China and I think just different companies put maybe their own little different color nib on the end and uh and they're all the same and most of them aren't rated for this weight so I've just had to go back with the same slides again and hopefully well I've got another plan for later though hopefully we'll prevent this from happening again the rest of that ride home though was extremely nerve-wracking because I kept thinking how did that happen had I been driving for an hour and this thing hanging out the back and didn't see it I know that's not what happened but my my mind was just telling me all kinds of crazy things also I put like four or five more straps across it to keep it from sliding again on the way home but we kept getting paranoid we pulled over one time to check it again I literally felt like I had dodged a bullet if I had a fully functioning brain I would have opened up the sides of the canopy and let wind blow through there instead of making it a sauna to replace this flimsy wood that I originally built the supports out of that I ended up having to go back and cut in place because they were too thick I'm going with this angled aluminum and I ordered online it's not necessarily lighter because I actually went with a light wood but it's going to be much stronger it's actually kind of hard to measure this because of the bed liner that I rolled on here but I need an inch and a half from the outside to the edge of the aluminum for the slide to attach and this aluminum is quarter inch thick so I'm just going to measure in an inch and three quarter and then that should give me the inch and a half that I need [Applause] [Music] don't forget your safety switch kids [Music] [Applause] I know what you're thinking you're thinking Adam you just put aluminum all over your driveway don't worry about it I'll get it up with a magnet later I mean screwing two things together you want the first thing to have a hole big enough for the screw to go through the surface that you're going to be screwing to which is this wood right here you want to take a bit that is the size of the inner diameter of the screw you have the outer diameter which is the threads and the inner diameter which is the solid part and you want your bit to be that size it's kind of hard to show it on here but this bit is that size so that your threads can grab but not split and tear apart the wood [Music] foreign [Music] before I drill those holes out it just dawned on me that I don't know that's enough room for the drawers to slide in there let me measure that real quick it was about to drill a bunch of holes and I ain't even know if it's gonna work five inches come on come on work for me work for me whale that's five inches and that is four and seven eighths it's on here anyway so I'll just um I'll just take it off let's go in there little buddy there you go loud Riley LOL that's hot out here don't be tripping on my on my drawers back there don't be don't be tripping on my drawers foreign [Music] I was just about I was I was just about to say like butter land is odd we'll just make sure we added all this part out Riley okay I don't want to look bad the screw the screws that hold this the aluminum

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