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Easy Wood Repair with Starbond Glue! THIS GLUE IS UNREAL!

welcome to saw dustin wood today i'm gonna be showing off this glue the company's name is starbond and i have some samples from them and this glue works really good i actually bought some about a year ago and used it it's great for baseboards home repairs and i'm gonna show you i have a piece of pine like a two it's a one by six and the edge of it is cracked over this glue will set up in literally two or three seconds so you have your glue here and your spray activator so on one side of the board you put the glue the other side you put the activator let's get to it this is the repair we gotta fix today if you got kids you can feel my pain but anyway long story short the board's cracked in half right here here is the glue we're going to use the medium strength and this is our activator and this is the glue this is a very strong super glue and when you spray this accelerator on it it makes it set in two to three seconds got your glue on i'm gonna take the activator spray that push it together one two three now while i clean it up all right as you can see right here i didn't have something to wipe off the excess glue gonna dry so quick i had to scrape it off with my fingernail after and it pulled a little paint up so i'm just going to sand this down real lightly and touch it up with some paint but in the future just look out for that if you use this glue if it seeps up when you push the boards together wipe it off quick because it doesn't take long to dry all right now i'm gonna bind some two by fours together little pieces i'm gonna take this glue i'm gonna just put it right here on the top and now i'm gonna take the activator and spray on the connecting piece that i want to connect spray that down so i got the spray activator here the glue i'm going to push that down we'll see how long it takes to set up look at that if you look i can see see like a little smoke coming off of it i guess that's the activator look at that this is perfect if you're doing baseboards and if you ever done baseboards and you shoot a nail here and you try to push this piece in and it gets crooked you can fit your baseboards together with this glue and then just pull it over and shoot it and shoot it and you're gonna have a perfect seam every time i want to thank all you all for watching this channel is gonna hit a hundred thousand subs that's my goal by the end of the year thank y'all please share this video and um i have a discount code if you're interested in buying this glue i have a link in the description if you click that link the discount code is saw 10. [Music] i don't ask y'all for money i never will i don't want your money but if you're gonna buy some of this glue you get 10 off if you use saw 10 and i get 10 percent thanks for watching y'all have a great day

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