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Equally divide any board with a framing square

welcome to sawdust and wood so you want to learn a frame and sway a trick you came to the right place today I'm going to teach you how to take any board use the square and you could equally divide it into strips let's say you have a 1 by 6 and you need to divide it into six equal portions or four equal portions or two equal portions I'm going to show you a really easy way to do it with the square let's get to it alright so our sample piece is a 1 by 6 let's see you need six pieces you need six strips instead of measuring this board it's five and a half inches stick for one to start with so instead of doing five and a half and dividing it by six let me show you a really easy we take the framing square you put the point right at the edge of the board get a lined up perfect like that and you want to get this edge on six because I need six pieces so watch this it's six now look how I am the point of the board and six is right on the edge it's a little hard because I'm holding the camera while I'm doing this but anyway so I got six right on the edge six part of the board now all I have to do is come by and put a mark on the one I'm sorry cuz we put a mark on the to put a mark on the three put them all on the four put a mark on the five now each mark is the same distance all the way down so I got one one piece here one two three four five six now do the same thing on the other side of this board and then I could pop a chalk line on each mark and then rip it down and have equal lengths next example let's say you want to take this board and instead of making six pieces with it you want to have three you need three strips equal one two three threes doesn't come to the bottom so I'm gonna multiply it by two I'm a proportionate eight so I'm gonna come to the to put a mark then I'm gonna come to the 4 and put a mark and that's gonna give me three equal points one two three I can just pop a line on each side with those marks and I can rip it down alright so the first example I went ahead and pop the line so you could get a good visual I needed three parts so two four six and this is what I'm talking about I'm two inches down make your mark other two inches down into the board and then I can rip three equal parts if I want to cut that with my skill saw I can do it perfect thanks for watching I told you that was gonna be easy I told you it was gonna be easy and you thought it was gonna be hard this tool right here makes rafters easy dividing boards in into multiple pieces that are equal really easy and it does a lot of other things that we will review in the future and I'll show y'all how to do it thanks for watching and have a great day you

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