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Evolution R255SMS Multi Material Sliding Miter Saw 10″ Review

welcome to sawdust and wood today I got a package in the mail a company called evolution power tools reached out to me and they wanted to send me a saw to review on my channel so let me show you the box and everything that I got it's a slide miter saw and it um it cuts wood metal brick everything so we're gonna put it together and test it out I got some materials to cut alright so we're gonna open the box [Music] got a user manual directions on putting this all together that saw blade ice steel aluminum wood and plastic [Music] [Music] let's cut some material with it and see what we think about it all right so the first thing we're gonna cut is a 2×4 with three nails in it I've never cut with this saw yet so we're gonna give it a shot see just how easy it rips through this it's also has got a clamp right here you can clamp down your material when you're cutting and that was smooth really clean-cut I need to set a socket slot and pull it a little bit I could finish that cut let's cut let's cut it again let me loosen up the slider now I can slide [Applause] that's good to go all right so another thing I want to check let's check and see I got my angle finder I set this sort of 45 and see if it cuts a true 45 mitre I haven't done anything to the saw so we're gonna move it to 45 and see if it fits set good out of the factory there's also a really cool looking laser when you start the saw it comes on all right so let me zero out my level my angle finder see if it is 45 and it is 45 right out of the box you can see that all right now we're gonna cut this really thick composite deck board see how the saw handles it that blade cuts really smooth that's a really clean cut so far so good let's move on to some different material alrighty this is gonna be a test for this so see the sparks we'll see how to saw handles this metal here I'm gonna clamp this because I don't want to get if it throws any sparks I don't want to get them on my hand to anything I'm gonna use the clamp clamp it down since I got it clamped I'll hold the camera so you could see the laser will start it up and we'll cut [Applause] man it cut through that like butter so let's see how hot it is man it's not even hot at all I can touch it there's no heat at all on it all right now we're gonna cut a brick and I want to cut this brick let's set the saw to 15 it's all set at 15 so if you watch any of my other videos do you know what angle 15 on the miter saw is so if you start at zero we'll call it ninety ten will be 80 15 will be 75 so we can cut a 75 degree angle on the brick let's see how it handles it I like everything on the break alright I'm a scratch to brick experiment it cut into it pretty good but I'm not gonna cut brick with it all right I got another piece of composite decking let's get this on here we'll put the clamp plant it down nice let me get you right on [Applause] [Music] [Applause] it's a nice clean cut this thing was hard to get through to this is some dents this is a very dense Ford alright next up and got a piece of copper pipe let's see how easy it cuts the stopper [Music] but right through it no problem at all that's not hot it's a little warm the coppers a little warm but I can hold my hand on it all right we got a piece of PVC [Music] nice clean cut on the PVC pipe next up this song roots do dislike it was butter very clean-cut all right I got some heavy-duty pipe right here very heavy this should be a test for this so I would think let's see how it cuts it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Wow that's a clean cut and it's a little hot there was some sparks flying but not a ton that is a thick piece of pipe to cut through that's pretty impressive let's look at the blade and see if we did did any damage it still looks pretty good to me all right next cutting material a piece of aluminum got it like butter got another little piece of metal to cut see how much this [Music] cut right through it no issue at all all right here's a thick piece of metal let's see what it does cut through it with no issue it's a little warm a little hot it's not too bad to put a piece of trim on let's go to 45 see if we get a clean cut [Music] that's pretty clean for just cutting all that metal check out this edge there's no tear out on it for sure that's a clean cut right another cool feature just saw does it bevels to the right from 0 to 45 degrees you can come over here in the back and unscrew this little piece and it should loosen it up and the saw should tilt over okay goes to the left actually we can sit over to 45 all right so you can see the Salkin bevel over to 45 and you can make cuts you can the saw will slide out and you can cut 45 with it one way so to fix it to get it back to zero just unscrew here just saw back to zero and tighten it up so my thoughts on the are 255 SMS evolution might or so I think for $200 it's a really good price you can also put regular blades on these saws there's a little washer in here you just take off if you want to put a regular saw blade on it but evolution sells saw blades for this saw this is the multi-purpose saw blade it's on so I mean this thing cut through metal wood it cut accurate out of the box which to me is a big deal you don't have to tune the saw or play with it you get accurate cuts and it cuts through a lot of metal let me just give you our recap of everything we cut I got it right here in the grass and look at these pipes all of this stuff here and it appears the blade is still in good condition thanks for watching and have a great day [Music]

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