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Family Converts 7×12 Cargo Trailer Into Camper / Tiny House

[Music] [Applause] [Music] bye i'm just finishing the final touches on this project and now i can call it complete i've been working on this cargo trailer to rv conversion for well over a year now and i thought let's do a walk through and i'll kind of show you what everything has been done to this but first let me spin you a yarn i bought this trailer about four years ago to use as an office at our old house because i needed office space and i didn't have it in the house so one of the biggest questions i get is why is the door on the driver's side and that is simply because when we backed it into our driveway that was the side that was accessible to me to get into it but actually i kind of like it being on that side anyway let me tell you a little bit more about this trailer this trailer is a 7 by 12 it's a tandem axle and it was built by diamond cargo in douglas georgia now once we moved out here to the new house i no longer needed an office but what i did need was a hurricane evacuation rv and that brings us to this oh look it's a princess we found a princess inside the camper hello my lovely hi my idea with this whole that that rooster my gosh my whole idea with this camper build was to keep it like sunday morning let me show you how this works raleigh can you assist me first off let me throw my keys and lock on the ground the first thing we built was the dinette now riley helped me make these cushions because daddy don't sew but daddy does no wood so we actually took quarter inch plywood and put this foam that we ordered on top of it then wrapped the material and just stapled it riley helped me do that [Music] they open up to have storage inside each one of them this side opens up the same way and you've got the two compartments so we can put a lot of stuff in there whenever we do have to leave either kind of our clothing or just any important stuff that we want to take with us the table top comes off kind of lift it up there gotta pop it pop it pop it like it's hot pop it pop it pop it there you go okay we'll just set it right here for now and then i ordered these brackets that were i wanted something low profile and you can see how these are made right here on the floor i didn't want something that stood way up so these just go in and then they spin and then you can finish tightening them down like that and i just ordered these i think order these off of amazon so can you get that one out baby yeah and now turn the whole thing there you go all right you just set it right there for now and then take our table top lift that up there you go put that in there put that in there and i made these really tight let's put them corner to corner okay and then shove it down and there's the main bed so when i built this this had to hold two adults three kids and two dogs at least this bed ain't gonna hold all them so my dad and i came up with the idea of this bunk bed at the top this is definitely a two-person project as i showed in the previous videos whenever i built this it's a little bit difficult for one person why won't you go oh see i got a screw up in there [Music] and it's just that easy folks all you have to do is pull out these two pieces of wood that are on piano hinges you ready yeah okay i'm trying madison can you give riley an assist here you okay okay we're ready let's lower it down all righty i would like to point out that normally this would be kim and i doing this so it would still be a little bit easier but they did a good job we're ready for an app down here or an app up top we found that it's not always necessary to put the top bunk bed up though because there's actually room especially if it's just me and kim or if somebody wants to sit up here especially if little itty bitty's up underneath the bunk bed that we can actually fit here with the bunk bed down it's just if we want to be more open and more spacious we shoot it to the top now as far as the covering on the inside of the trailer this is vinyl plank flooring i mean actually it's luxury vinyl plank flooring you can just feel the luxury when you touch it was actually done when this was still my office and i needed it to be really quiet in here because i used to do record you know voice over stuff for my other youtube channel and there was a lot of car noise and road noise outside so what i did was i took ceiling acoustic panels and glued those to the wall and then i had this leftover flooring from our old house where we'd redone it and i just glued that on top of it it really helped with cutting the sound down and also it added some extra insulation the windows were already in the trailer when i ordered it and that's kind of what dictated how we built this whole dinette and bed system i would have loved to have had something wider that would have actually been more useful but the windows were already in the trailer so i had to work with what i had outlets were already in the trailer the ac was already in the trailer the girls and i built this and actually my dad built this cabinet for the trailer push down a little bit and again just keeping it super simple and trying to leave as much space as we can then today i just cut the door out of a piece of mdf and i used my router to put a round over on the edge then i drilled out for the cabinet hinges using my handy dandy craig hinge boring kit and then i just put in these bloom press-in hinges for the countertop all i did was go to the local hardware store i think i got this at lowe's i mean i could have just glued up some four by fours honestly for the countertop but to save time and because these were cheaper i just bought up these glued panels i've got videos on all this so you know i'll put those links to those videos up in the description and probably somewhere up here on the top of the screen very simple down here as you can see i like to keep a lot of adapters because you just never know what kind of adapter you're going to need so i've got adapters out the yin yang for the sink system very simple i've got these two water containers one is for the gray water and one is for drinking water and then i've got just a pump here and it just plugs into i've actually got a surge protector mounted up in here which you probably can't see and that's where everything plugs into and then i've just got it plugged into the wall outlet back here in the back corner and i'll show you how that works turn the water on and the pump cuts off when we don't need the water so you know it's kind of loud there's no hot water but we don't really need that again we don't use this to go camping in all the time this was mostly for emergencies and to live out of for hopefully maximum a few days to a week i've got the microwave starts to say microphone i've got the microwave in here and then i just put that grommet back there so that i can plug into the surge protector the refrigerator here i ordered and you know this same deal it's just plugged into that same surge protector th

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