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Find any rafter angle with only a Speed Square and Chalk Line!!

welcome to sawdust and wood today today i want to teach you something that's going to be super helpful if you ever need to figure out what pitch a rafter is if you need to add on to your house or you need to build a rafter that size and the rafters in place so i got my chalk line hanging right here and i got my speed square so all you do is get your chalk line hanging take your speed square and flush it up to the bottom of the rafter and slide that speed square down until that string hits the pivot point of the rafter string on the pivot point and here's your common rafter on your speed square and it's showing me that i have a 9 on twelve pitch the strings right on top the nine and what that means nine on twelve means for the 12 is the run the nine is the rise so that means for every foot of run we rise nine inches now you can make rafters that fit flush up to the ridge board to add on i want to thank everybody for watching please like and subscribe and share this video we on a road to a hundred thousand hope you like this tip get that information out there that's a lot of information people don't know let's let's reinvent carpentry let's get carpet back out there to people get excited about it get hyped y'all have a great day thanks for watching

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