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From NOOB to PRO! Circular Saw MasterClass for Beginners!

g'day folks uncle knackers here now for years i've been posting diy projects and diy tips and tricks all over good old youtube but today i am doing neither of those because i've got some exciting news no i'm not pregnant thank you very much but i have been working on a project over the last couple of months that i think you will find very useful you've probably heard me banging on about how i've been working on creating a circular saw master class well i'm pleased to announce that it is here it is live and ready to download so who's this course for i'm glad you asked it's for anyone who uses a circular saw from the nervous beginner just starting out to even the more experienced user who may just need a bit of a refresher course to gain their confidence back the master class is jam-packed full of useful information including video tutorials valuable time-saving resources project builds complete with plans and a whole host of other bonuses and let's face it who doesn't love a good bonus and they're all designed to help build up your confidence when using the circular saw so why waste your time and learn the hard way it's not necessary do yourself a favor and click on the link over there or down beneath this video in the description box to get you started on your journey to using your saw safely and more effectively you'll be glad you did hope to see you're over in the master class until then i'm out of here cheers

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