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Gable Rafter Pitch Explained

welcome back to sawdust and wood I know it's been a while since we made a video let's get right into it roof pitch what does that mean so when you hear someone say 6 12 or 3 12 or 8 12 or 12 on 12 or 6 on 12 I already said what that means is for every foot of horizontal run you have if it's a 612 pitch that that rafters gonna rise six inches per foot so if it's a six twelve roof one footer run it's gonna rise six inches to footer run it's gonna be 12 and so on and so on so with that being said how do you how do you figure that out so what I did was I cut this is a 6 12 pitch roof I cut two rafters this board right here is 2 foot so one foot is the middle so I cut two rafters and I didn't put any overhang I cut the tails off of them there's a couple of different ways you can do this you can do the step off method where you go 6 and 12 mark your line mark your back and that will give you the perfect step off or you could look in a roof framers Bible or any rafter book and I'll show you for a 612 pitch roof let me get it any for a 612 pitch roof so since that's 2 foot you don't you take half of it so it'll be 1 foot or run and it tells me the common rafter length is gonna be 13 and 3/8 13 and 3/8 for one foot or run so let's measure this ratrock cut and I'll show you that number pull on the top of the rafter if you look it's right on the money at 13 and 3/8 where does this book get this number from it might be wondering that how does this book know one foot or run how does it know this 13 and 3/8 I'll show you how easy it is to figure out you really don't need this book it's a good reference but if you take your frame square and you put your tape measure on the 12 and on whatever pitch loop you want all right so 1206 you can see right here I don't know if you can see let me let me walk around you can see all right I'm on the 12 and I'm on the 6 right here and if you look that is on the money 13 and 3/8 6 is on this side 12 is on this side all right so let's do a quick recap any pitch roof if you hear someone say 8 12 6 12 10 12 the 12 is always a foot horizontal and whatever are the number if it's 8 or 6 it's gonna be that much rise so it's basically run and rise and this framing square does all the math this book gives you or any calculator gives you right here that's why this is such a good tool to learn how to use so like for this this is a 2 foot board if this was the outside of pot building and I want a gable roof rafters you divide that in half so that's one I'm going to take that I wanted a 612 roof so I cut my rafters to fit 612 and this is what you get you had any questions or comments please below like and share this video and again thank you so much for watching y'all have a great day hello okay alright start over get excited come on go thank you for watching sawdust and wood make sure to subscribe leave a like leave a comment turn on post notifications so you never miss another video and share with your friends and parents yep you can use these tips if you want oh and you can put them into your own youtube video so anyways thank you for watching and if you like this youtube channel you probably won't like my youtube channel but their kids might but the kids might if you have kids then they can go check out their YouTube channel Colin does stuff he'll leave it in the description box down below so make sure you go check that after you're done watching this part so bye

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