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Great speed square trick to make a homemade level!

welcome to sawdust and wood today I'm gonna teach you how to turn your speed square into a level alright so I'm gonna take my level and put it on this windowsill and as you can see it's windowsills level now we're gonna check it with the speed square so to use your speed square for a level here's the pivot point on your square you want to get a piece of string and you want to hold it right here at the pivot point and put anything with any weight on it I just had a tape measure laying around but it could be a plumb bob or it could be a washer or weight and when you set the base of the square on if that strings on 45 it's level so follow me up to the windowsill and I'll show you what I'm talking about so I got my speed square sitting on the windowsill and then I'm gonna hook my string right up here on the pivot point and as you can see the string is right on 45 which means it's level now watch I'm gonna move the level up a little bit and you can see the string move over if this would be off level the string would not be on 45 it would be be awesome and that would be either way if you want to get a more precise reading you can use a thinner string you can use some fishing string and it'll give you a lot more accurate reading thanks for watching my channel everybody's been leaving a lot of positive comments and my channel is growing a lot and I appreciate it thanks for watching have a good day [Music]

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