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He Stole Food From My Garden!

thanks to sunday for sponsoring this video you know what makes me happy is to be able to walk out into my very own garden reach down and grab some wonderful vegetables that we grew that are healthy to eat not bad could use a little dressing but i've got a problem somebody is stealing food from my family but i've got a plan to fix it and i'm gonna go in here to get the stuff to do it hmm this could work what is that that's that's him right there that's him right there [Music] if i'm being honest i can't be 100 certain that that is the thief in question but what i do know is if it's not him it's one of his buddies look how they massacred my boy these birds i'm pretty sure it's birds that are getting in here and they're eating up our strawberries and i mean look at that right now would you just look at it would you just look at it just look at it and i can't have a meat in these uh because kim likes to come out here and eat them herself before we bring them in isn't that right kim isn't that right so what i want to do is build a hoop cover for this and i know i can tell you right off the bat i'm probably going to go kind of overboard and over engineer this thing this box is actually 51 and 3 16 wide they're 96 and 7 8 inches wide i have four of these cedar 2×4 by 12 boards that i bought last year for some project and i didn't finish it so that's what i'm going to build the frame of this out of probably not this one though i have really got to uh get a shop because i've kind of outgrown doing stuff in this garage i don't know if i've outgrown it or the whole family's kind of outgrown it because this was my shop but now it's kind of the everything oh and i can't hardly move in here it just it's just a collection of everything and no matter how much i clean up in here three days later it looks the same i don't want to disappoint you guys oh you know what i just gotta did i just get a no no it was just a poke i thought i was going to be able to use my splinter out i told you i'd try it next time i got a splinter it's just a poke just to poke folks false alarm get one can you see it there's a splinter there there's a splinter there let's get the splinter out let's get this thing out let's see how well that works because if you remember from a few videos back on the medical kit let's try it here it is let's see here can you can you get a good shot of that so basically this point let you kind of dig around there my biggest problem is uh i can't see it with my eyes splinter out there you go to attach this together i'm going to use my uh handy dandy kreg jig set this is just such a quick awesome system to attach stuff i had to change shirts because it's getting freaking hot outside so i had those long sleeves off i don't know what i was thinking putting those on to begin with [Applause] main thing with this system is um you just have to set your thickness now this is an inch and three quarter but i'm not really that worried about it the screws that i'm going to be using are these uh craig these are for exterior pocket hole screws to craig and they use that excellent number two square drive robertson screw best in the world don't care what you say that's why they use them because they're the best [Music] there you have it this is the reason i went to harbor freight this is a ring roller i think listen i'm not a metal guy so but it's for curving flat bar and that's all part of me plan let me get this attached down i already attached the handle to this thing which was kind of a hassle to be honest with you and i'll show you what's going to happen here basically basically this is a blood blister just waiting to happen uh to get your finger pinched in there i'm gonna put the flat bar in there and it's gonna curve it and i know what you're saying what flat bar i picked up this aluminum flat bar i actually got this at lowe's and my original intent was to get steel and they didn't have any what they had was this this is uh eighth inch two inch wide aluminum flat bar and my plan is normally when you see these like hoop covers for raised bed gardens i mean you can you can make these things super simple just using pvc pipe and stuff like that and that's fine but this is going in the front yard and i just kind of want to make it a little bit uh fancier or whatever i don't know fancier longer lasting i don't know i just like to overdo stuff what can i say so here's the thing okay so aluminum you know i could easily bend this and it's going to have pressure inside the wood and it would hold that shape but it's going to be pushing out i don't know how much force that's going to do i'd rather just put it through the roller and give it that shape where it'll hold it so let's see how this works i think after i bought this i noticed that it says specifically do not exceed one inch but you know i don't care about them [Music] i might have put too much of a roll in this thing i think i put a little bit too much i think i'm gonna make just two more of these you know my lawn is always in a state of distress but i'm about to change that sunday is a subscription that uses cutting edge science to help you grow a better lawn with ingredients like seaweed molasses iron and you know stuff you can pronounce just type in your address and sunday gives you a customized lawn care plan in seconds it ships to your door and you can attach the ready to spray nutrient bags right to your hose you can spray your lawn in about 15 minutes you'll receive customized shipments throughout the year to keep your lawn looking fresh the biggest problem i have with my lawn as well basically the whole thing i've spent a ton of money and time trying to figure it out on my own just to still have a terrible lawn so i'm looking forward to sunday solving all of my problems since your plan is based on your property data and your soil test i'm also super excited about this cedarwood oil based tick mosquito and flea control spray as you know ticks adore me and in fact i just had to pull a tick off of kim while filming this segment head to get sunday dot com slash hacksman now and get 20 off with code hacksman 20. raised beds have really been the ticket for us because we had our garden out back it was kind of hit or miss some of the stuff did really well and some of it didn't but since we've get out there since we started the raised beds we've had a lot of success we've had i mean we've had strawberries like crazy we got potatoes growing right now the potatoes um we're having to cover them up every day as they get up higher and higher the thing is we have neighbors and we have like we have deer like crazy out here so we have neighbors that they built a i don't know they built like eight foot tall fence around their whole backyard with deer fencing to keep the deer out but what we did was we just bought a couple of those motion detecting sprinklers and they're like really fun too for like when kim's out there and they're not set right or lik

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