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Hidden Wireless Charging. Where Rustic Meets New Age.

check this out keep watching keep watching and tell me do any of you out there have phone charging cables the same as mine what an absolute disgrace now one of my phone won't charge get a folks uncle knackers here from DIY for knuckleheads and in today's video we'll be addressing that whole phone charger cable catastrophe by building a small bookshelf there will be attached to the wall via a French cleat ruler very fancy that will also have wireless charging capabilities how cool is that and speaking of cool how about you being the coolest kid in the corner by subscribing to my channel and while you're there make sure you click that notification Bell good stuff let's go now the shop itself should be pretty easy to make no fancy joinery here folks but I'll be building it out of a hot pots of materials from Myles scrap heap so there's potential here brought to be an absolute disaster fingers crossed it's not and this is what I'll be using wear now but I can I can always change it but if it's rubbish I can now well we'll see here we go rawhide trendsetters for your viewing pleasure this is what we have to work with I've got an old fence post that could be good I have a length of fascia board which is off our old house after we demolished it at renovation I'll probably use that I also have a couple of pallet boards that I've joined together for a previous job that I didn't finish so we could to finally use that I even have a couple of scrap pieces of OSB bracing board could be handy not quite sure if I'll use it but in the mix and last but not least small fence palings and pellet wood which might come in handy alright an eclectic mix you might say oh you're right it is now this is kind of like one of those cooking shows with a poor old chef is given something like a can of baked beans a floppy old carrot and a soggy old tea bag and asked to make Lobster Thermidor in under 10 minutes I think I've got my work cut out for me now it's a very important aspect of carpentry to always approach the saw with a touch of flair and style I'll find it set you up for a good cut I'm going to be using that whole fence post for the top of the shelf so after squaring up one end I'll be cutting two lengths at five hundred and sixty millimeters or approximately 22 inches so these two freshly cut boards are going to be the top for the shelf and to join them I'm just going to dust off my trusty old biscuit joiner I've got my biscuits and all you need to do there is cut those biscuits in and then I'll just simply glue and clamp these bad boys together with a square and a pencil mark the positions of the biscuits of placed one in the middle and the other to two inches in from either end once that's done rip out the old biscuit joiner and cut the slots for the biscuits now here's an uncle knackers pro tip to save getting glue all over your workbench place some waxed paper like cooking paper under the area where you're about to glue up trust me you'll thank me when gluing up don't be shy leather that stuff on for a tight bond place in the biscuits lay the board's flat to line everything up and then with your locomotor gently give the boards a little love tap to engage the biscuits then just simply clamp together [Music] beautiful Rhino this is 24 hours later and hopefully this should be dry with a bit of luck let's just have a look see alright that's pretty good happy effect now just in case you're wondering where the whole wireless charging component fits into this build I've got myself a wireless charger here also known as a Qi charger just in case you're searching for one and what I'll be doing with this is I'll be resetting it and to the underside of our top shelf which will invisibly charge your phone so make sure you keep on watching as we'll talk more about this and how it works later on in the video alrighty next up let's cut the sides for the shelf [Music] now with those two sides ready to go all we need to do is to cut a rebate on the other side of this top shelf so the sides has somewhere to fit into now you might not be able to see this on camera or I've actually cut the bottom of these sides 20 millimetres narrower than the top purely for looks so that when this shelf is hanging on the wall it doesn't look so boxy [Music] [Music] right now let's give it a test see how poorly I did so far so good no a lot of that it's like a finger in a glove love it right Oh trendsetters I'm going to take a bit of a pun here and use that OSB board as the backing for the bookshelf now I actually want to rebait this into the side so what we need to take into consideration is that the French cleat will be finishing up flush on top just like that so the os3 board will need to start directly underneath that you know what I mean clear as mud excellent now I'm just a bit ready to start cutting that rebate for the OSB board but before that a quick tip whenever you're marking a dark timber with a pencil sometimes it can be really hard to see so I like to do is to grab some tape run that tape out mark your line on that tape and then that makes those lines much easier to see [Music] and that fits in very nicely that's good now before you get all excited and you start to assemble the bookshelf we need to first of all install this wireless charger underneath that top shelf and it's a couple of things that you need to consider before you do that now the wireless phone charger is a pretty handy gadget all you need to do is place your phone on top and your phone starts to charge even though mine has a case on it which I reckon is pretty cool now the problem we're going to have is that we're actually embedding this wireless charger underneath our shelf so the issue is how far can this transmit a signal through wood now I've done a bit of testing and I found that three millimeters or one eighth of an inch is about the maximum thickness you can go and still receive a charge as you can see right there now this even has a case on it so if you took that case off you could even perhaps increase that thickness there the next thing you need to consider is the actual placement of the wireless charger I have a PowerPoint on this side so it makes sense for the charger to be on this edge here especially when you consider that it came with a pretty short lead now Wireless charges are notorious for not working if the phone is not in exactly the right spot so I'm going to do is place my charger in the position so that when my phone is flush with the front of the shelf it's always going to charge good tip and by doing that with the phone down toward the front we can still place pictures or whatever behind it now to say some time and also to save you the boredom of watching me cut stuff I've gone ahead and I've cut the rebates for the shelves as well as the shelves themselves and I've also gone ahead and done a bit of resin work to fill in all those cracks nooks and crannies that you get when working of timber now I'm also filled in th

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