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Home Depot never expected this to happen

what's up everybody Welcome to saw Dustin wood today I'm gonna go to Home Depot I got my glasses at film and what I'm gonna do is I got this um miter saw angle finder sawdust and wood Edition we're gonna give out so I'm gonna walk up to random people and see if they know who saw dust and wood is which I doubt but anyhow let's get in the store let's get to it all right here we here we go we're going in look here we got a sawdust on which herd protractors let's see let's see if we can get some laughs let's see if we can get some people to subscribe to the channel you can't find nobody let's see let's see how we look are we Incognito or not they can't get us we're gonna find but nobody's on these aisles nobody's Body Mind yourselves I don't think see what I'm saying all these miter saws and nobody here we'll get somebody happy hey how you doing oh good um I'm trying to find me some Street boards right here um question do you know how to cut on a miter saw what you know you don't I still got all my fingers nope I don't so listen I want to give you some this is my YouTube channel this is um yeah this is um a miter saw protractor so you you match it to any angle that you want to cut okay and what it does is it doesn't tell you the angle it tells you the offset angle and you use the miter gauge and it tells you where to set your side nice yeah cool you sure I don't want to take this what am I thinking this you you're not going to use it all right give it to somebody you know that cuts this is the name of it yep saw those stone look that's the back unfortunately he's getting out the military we got a good reaction from her I had a conversation she didn't want to give everybody a shout out on YouTube but she's super cool and she's been working here for a while so I got one more tube and we will get one more reaction but the issues still staying stands trying to find a straight board at one of these big big boxing lumbery stores is a job of its own okay so who you want me to go find that it should help you got it so the next clip coming up there's an employee I'm not going to say their name or their position but they were very sweet and they deserve a raise so let the film roll and let's get a good laugh see this real quick I was over here by the oak I was looking for some boards um make Katniss and they got this I don't know teenager he's crawling up here he's he's throwing come this way I'm trying to look for him he's throwing piece of wood down what yeah on purpose like throwing them to you yeah he's jumping I don't know he's hiding through the things I don't know if it's some no no he doesn't work here you don't freaky at all but I um girl in the front she said again but you use the manager you ever watch YouTube yeah um anyway I'm Chris my YouTube channel is this and I want to give you a free tool okay um a miter saw protractor I don't have no white throwing what that means thanks for watching today's video y'all if y'all like this video where I go out and meet people and give away tools and give away different things give me a thumbs up let me know in the comments I was trying to be as respectful as possible everybody that's on this video knew they were being filmed afterwards and agreed for me to use their footage so please watch the rest of these clips right here this is just letting you know what I've been up to lately I've got a bunch of new videos coming out get ready we shooting for the Stars love y'all [Music]

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