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How many nails can a SKIL SAW cut through?

welcome to sawdust and wood today today would then do a little experiment wait I hear a south Louisiana axe and who is that alright anyway let's get let's get to the video I want to see I got mold skill saw right here I use a worm drive now but this was one of the first songs I bought years ago I had to change this bleed in probably five or six years so it's really dull and then we're gonna hammer this nail down into this 2×4 and make a pass and see if it binds up this saw or does anything to bleed we're gonna see the ease of how to salt he cut through the snail let's get to it so let's hammer this nail down all right that's number one that was pretty easy here's the nail let me bring it up close to y'all could see cut right through it like it was nothing all right we've cut through one nail like it was no big deal now I got three nails hammered into this 2×4 let's see what happens three nails is the top of the nail and this is where they're hammered in all right so the sauce cut through three nails already so now I got five in this board let's see if I can cut through five pretty impressive five nails now I've got this board I've got eight nails in it I say two more just for good measure ten nails let me bring it up to the camera so you can see let's see if I can cut ten nails with this ten nails with no problem all right I'll put sixteen nails into this to power four I'm not putting any more I don't know if this all can cut some 16 nails but we're gonna check it out that was pretty rough but he made it through all of 16 let me get the camera so you have to see this 16 nails here's the bottom pretty impressive for cheap so if you ask me I don't think I'll be doing anything where I need to cut through 16 nails and one rip alright here's all the board's we've cut today one nail three nails five nails 10 nails 16 males old skill saw very very old blade didn't really have issue at all just want to thank everybody for watching thought it would be a fun little experiment to see what the skill saw could cut you guys are great please like this video share it share it on Facebook share it everywhere thumbs up leave a comment in the comment section thanks for watching have a great day you

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