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How OSB plywood is made from start to finish!

[Music] it was picked up by a 30-ton crane joined up to 250 000 tons of other logs traveled on a state-of-the-art conveyor experienced a dryer so massive you could drive a tractor trailer through it got heated up to 800 degrees went through a state-of-the-art blending drum was pressed in a massive 2 million pound press before being cooled cut tested graded stacked stenciled covered strapped and painted by a robot only then was it stamped by a company that's built a reputation on manufacturing wood products designed to meet your construction needs gp's allendale mill is one of the largest and most sophisticated in the world after harvest trees are hauled to the mills wood yard unloaded by two massive overhead cranes and stacked in the allendale yard some 100 trucks make this journey to quality every day and your osb will come from one just like them the log is debarked every piece of the log is used nothing is left behind oh by the way the gp recycles the bark as fuel then it heads for the strander where it is precision cut in a ring holding 48 knife assemblies surging at over 2000 rpms we control the strand thickness width and length to achieve the right properties for every product we produce after being sifted and separated in twenty thousand cubic foot wet bins strands are conveyed to massive dryers over one hundred feet long they are capable of drying up to two hundred and thirty five thousand pounds per hour at eight hundred degrees that's enough osb to cover six football fields and two things you need to know while we're here one we've said it before but every part of the log is used and two state-of-the-art environmental controls help keep the air clean and that says it all after drying the strands are blended with resins and wax here we use special formulations to produce our moisture resistant subflooring products like dry guard with its 180 day no sand guarantee and drymax with its 300 day no sand guarantee from blending the strands travel to the forming line our line uses up to six forming heads allowing us much greater flexibility and capability in how we produce our products and many other osb mills have only four resins and forming help determine a board's properties what most folks don't realize is there is a tremendous amount of wood in every finished board you see that tall mat of wood strands here it will end up as one strong and resilient 7 16 inch finished board that happens at our massive press which weighs over 2 million pounds and is almost 15 stories tall here the mats are pressed using up to 7 500 psi and at over 400 degrees fahrenheit the process is highly impressive and also highly controlled from a computerized control room that oversees every step in the process from stranding blending and forming to the environmental systems in our quality assurance lab our osb is subjected to load deflection linear expansion and a dozen other tests to ensure that it not only meets or exceeds industry specifications but it meets gp's high standards too further product differentiation takes place in the finishing stage here our thermostat radiant barrier sheathing gets its aluminum foil overlay laminated to the board this foil can keep up to 97 percent of the sun's radiant heat from penetrating into the attic when you have thermostat radiant barrier sheathing on your roof and by now the panels have cooled and are cut to size grade stamped stacked in bundles certified for quality painted and ready to be shipped

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