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How to build a farmhouse table Part 2

[Applause] it's time to build a team today is cut Dave cut day gets me excited are y'all ready I told y'all yup you do this come along with me I hope you brought all your material we've got to make a team that's good alright so the first cuts we're gonna make we're gonna get two by fours we're gonna cut four pieces of 2×4 34 inches LP to LP that means Long Point to Long Point and this is a Long Point this is a 45 and a 45 mean 34 inches we need four pieces I'm gonna cut one and then we're gonna move on alright so to start set your saw to 45 you see tight against the fence real good and let's cut the first piece alright verse 45 so i'ma leave right here 34 inches over 34 inches here and markets so I want the opposite cut so I could do two things I could flip the board and cut it here and that's what I'm gonna do so I don't have to keep adjusting myself I line it up right here put your safety glasses on watch your fingers at all the times uncle Chris don't want you losing your fingers here in this video it's too important you only get one set and one set eyes so be safe let's check it out see that it's the same angle as the 45 and a 45 and it's 34 inches from this side to this side long points a long point now go ahead and cut 4 pieces just like this alright next thing you want to do we need 4 two-by-fours 31 inches all points a long point this is how it's gonna look all these cuts are 45 degrees this whole table any angle that we could it's 45 degrees let's show you how we get that got this all set at 45 and I'm gonna go ahead and put my first cut on the edge right here remember safety first safety always comes first and let me tell you something this stable is not hard to build so just keep cutting away you got this all right now this is my whole point I'm gonna measure over 31 inches right here and Mark it 31 now what I can do is flip my board over moving my so it's easier to flip the wood over and I can cut all right this is your board we need 40s for these pieces let's get the cutting all right now I'm gonna get our 1 by fours so now what I need is for one by fours 28 inches long there's no angles it's just a flat cut let me give you some advice don't ever trust at the end of a rough cut piece of wood is squared so what I do is and I'm gonna cut these two at a time just for speedy purposes kind of line them up and I'm gonna scram up myself with myself got it's all set to zero which is actually a 90 degree cut remember that angle cutters swear it up now I'm gonna pull the measurement 28 inches I've got two more feet you need four sodas so do four cuts total like this now we need four 1 by fours three and a half long and it's already three and a half why because a 1 by 4 is 3 and a half wide about 3/4 inch stick so I'm gonna make four cuts three and a half inches long pull my mark three and a half two boards here we'll make a perfect square for you so we need four DS get to cut man get to cutting you could do this alright now what you're gonna do is you can get four two by tens ninety six inches that's eight feet but you might want to make sure that the edges are squared up or you don't really have to cut them this mesh room but let me just give you some advice sometimes a eight foot board there's ninety six inches sometimes it's ninety six and a quarter what's ninety six and a half so just make sure they all the same length and if you need to trim them up any go ahead and do that also if you're using a miter saw and it doesn't slide like this one you're not gonna bear to make that cut see my sauce slide so I can rip that whole board so get a skill saw or a handsaw or something to make that cut if you can't do it on yourself alright so now we're gonna get four pieces of 2×4 20 inches just a straight cut no angles for 2×4 is 20 inches let's get to it alright 20 inches right here all right cut me four pieces like this cut me four pieces I say follow pieces all right so now's a good time if you got any scrap lumber from the other 45 we've been cutting and you should I got like a few pieces down here they got dangled already on it I just measured from the long point say eleven and three-eighths and now I'm gonna make that cut and utilize these boards so I don't waste them minimize my scrap if you don't have any just grab a new 2×4 cut a 45 long point a long point eleven and three-eighths let's get it there you go eleven and three-eighths long point two long point let me give you some advice too we building a farmhouse table this is not some fine furniture that's got to be cut down to the 64th of inch precise that's the good thing about this table you don't have to be perfect every most people like the rustic look so just ease up don't be hard on yourself don't worry about every little imperfection it's all gonna work out all right so we got only two different cuts left you should have two two by fours left still eight foot in length so we're gonna make two two by fours 65 inches so we're gonna make two cuts and it's just straight in cuts and the scraps that we're gonna have see 65 inches is marked from here to here then we're gonna make cuts with these two other pieces and that's gonna finish the wood for the table so let's go ahead I'm not gonna film this but you go ahead and cut these two boards 65 inches long and then we're gonna come back and make the other cuts all right so the last thing you need to cut is two two by fours and long pointer short point is gonna be 28 and 7/8 so what you do is you cut a 45-degree angle first measure 28 and 7/8 and cut another 45 long now listen I'll tell y'all something buy yourself an extra 2×4 when you go to the store because I'm over here cut making this video and I didn't do my mom my board layout right and I shorted myself like half of a 2×4 so my neighbor bailed me out and gave me some extra pieces of 2×4 so I could finish this cut but this is it right here so let's I'm gonna trace this out and I'm gonna get the camera up real close because this might this might give some people a hard time who hadn't really done it but it's not hard have confidence all right first thing you want to do just get your saw set up let's make sure I got it on there let's get a 45 right here get your safety glasses on you think that song go alright cut that 45 hey now from this long point right here measure 28 and 70s I got my pattern right here I can describe it and now I'm gonna come here and make this cut that's all 45s okay now cut two of these and that's all you cut list I'm very proud of you proud of you let's go all right so look took some of the pieces so when we go to assemble this bad boy that's what we're gonna have and that's this leg that you see right here that's it this is so simple I'm glad y'all following along with me look and this is the rest of the pieces I got we got everything cut you cut all your parts and you just put it together like a puzzle oh yeah thanks thanks for watching this video look you already caught all the pieces

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