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How to build a farmhouse Table Part 3

thanks for joining me for part three today we're going to install a table if you haven't seen the first two parts on how to build a farmhouse table please go check them out on my channel this is a three part series and when I say first thing you want to do is get your boards like this and you're going to build to two pieces like this kid the to lock the longest one the second longest one and then the one by four and you want to take the one by four right here that's your half of it it's 28 inches long and that's gonna be 14 and that's where these two by fours are gonna split and then do that at the top now right here where these 45 said I want you to mark it and I'm gonna tell you why because this is a good little trick to help you you don't want to put screws in here first then when you own put these 45s on you won't be able to see the screws alright so you see all the marks on the 45 split down the middle of 14 you I got my marks right here that's what I'm gonna put screw that see this board you all right we got the first piece put together all you got to do now is finish it up get to all the boards and build another piece just like this and we'll take it from there all right so now what you want to do is you know connect all this with pocket holes I'm not using the pretty I got a video on how to do this and get this size hole [Music] do that and all these spots right here I switch out the Hobbit [Music] this I'll beat you screw story you don't need a crazy egg you have it first you want to use it it's fine you don't need one alright I got some glue in here oh maybe pocket joint if you don't know how to do this and watch my video I made a video on how to make a pocket hole without afraid you alright guys so let me give you a tip now that you got all this together take a scrap piece of one before you got and put it right here even with the legs because that's the height that this is gonna sit off the ground take your piece and it's gonna connect right in the middle like so and this is how it's going to connect and we're gonna screw this together then we're gonna put the top and we're gonna be finished be good to go you [Music] you're doing awesome guys you're doing awesome take your tape so we're gonna have 34 which is the meet right here 17 inches Rachel Miller that board 17 inches I go get you your two by tens hello don't the subscribers subscribing chair come home people like and subscribe you just gotta subscribe right now right now and then seven years old almost age that's right alright so from here only other thing you gonna do besides food is staying down if you want to do is I know you boards up and measure from the back right here beside I got 10 1/2 inches let's see what I got over here and we just want to make sure we have it what's this – that's the air compressor guys this is it now if you remember when I put the board's at our scooters top down after I screwed a stop down and the guy got this side lined up perfect that board in a little bit that sides perfect I'm gonna screw it down and then I'm gonna get a straight line right here cut this with my skill saw show you when I get to that part so now go ahead and what you normally want to do is you want to put two screws in each board try to get the correct spacing because you want it to look good you can put glue on the bottom if you want to also but be proud you got yourself a table built Hey all right welcome back we're gonna get a cut going right here I'm gonna square up the edges of the table because I let them run long more on that side so what I did was I measured from right here 11 and a half inches over and I put a mark here and I did the same thing here and this is a homemade straight edge for my saw to cut so when I go to cut this line right here when I put my saw here my blade is gonna go right on this line and cut it so I'm gonna go ahead and make this cut right now [Applause] you see hold us off you got a perfectly straight edge table and see how nice that looks I we lined up and I'm going to make the second cut and that's going to be it for this table it's gonna be ready [Applause] I want to thank everyone for watching I hope you like this series I hope everyone learn how to build a table I'd really love to see some pictures of your finished products you can post them on the Facebook page sawdust and wood thanks for watching have a great day you

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