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How to build a Gable Roof! Easiest Tutorial Ever

welcome to saluson Wood thank you for joining me today I'm going to be your personal your personal gable roof teacher we're going to take these walls 8T length 6t width we're going to do a 12 12 pitch roof and it's going to be a simple gable roof there are many roofs out here that will strain some of the best Carpenters mind in building but a simple gable roof is not one of them so stick with me follow along let's get busy so before we move any further let's go over exactly exactly what a 121 12 pitch roof means anyhow it means for every foot for every foot of run of horizontal run it means for every foot of horizontal run the roof is going to rise 12 in at this point if it were a 612 pitch it'd mean for every foot of horizontal run the roof would rise 6 in I'm at 12 right here and 12 here this is my angled rafter when you come up to your walls and you're ready to build your roof obviously you need to know your measurements so I got 8 foot length 6 foot withth and you want to make sure that's accurate if you've done a good job leveling and plumbing your walls off it should be accurate all the way around are the 8 foot is your length your 6 foot is your width you want to take the width and you need to know the span so the span is 6 foot and now you need to take the half span okay which is three foot on Center 3T I'm going to go 3/4 of an inch out here Mark 3/4 of an inch out here Mark okay this is Center and this is where my Ridge board is going to sit at running across here and my Rafters are going to come up and tie into it right here all right that's Center all right here's a rafter we've got cut and I'm going to show you how we come up with this right here is the ridge cut the plum cut this is going to meet the Ridge board in the Middle come down here's the seat cut line This sits on top of this 2×4 wall here's the bird's mouth here's the overhang and the rafter tail we're going to sit up just like this on the edge okay I got my board laid out I got my framing square and I'm going to show you how we get the first cut on a Raptor so the first thing you need to do is make that Plum cut the ridge cut that's going to meet in the center so here is my frame and square since we're doing a 12 on 12 pitch roof I have 12 marked and I have 12 marked here so we're doing a 12 12 pitch roof so you have to mark the 12 on this side of your square and a 12 on this side of your Square okay now the total span of our building a 6ot so you need the half span to cut a gable roof Raptor because they're going to in the middle so I'm going to put my framing square down now this way of measuring roof raptures is called a step off method you don't need any calculator or anything so look this is going to be my Plum cut right here I'm going put Plum and this is going to be the Ridge board this is going to be the center of the roof okay now I'm basically stepping backwards down to the wall so look on my line right here where I marked come back back here and I'm going to mark this line right here on the 12 okay Mark me a little line now I'm going to slide that square down right here till I get on that Mark again okay that's one step off now I need three this is one foot so from here I'm going to repeat look got my mark I'm going to come right here make a mark of to 12 slide my Square down make sure everything is lined up just right right on my mark that's two same thing all right slide down okay that's three right there so right here now is how I this is the end of my run now from The Ridge one step off two step off three step off okay let me show you how you get the bird's mouth now so you get on your mark right here put your frame and square on your line you go to you see three and A2 and now you make that Mark that's your bird's mouth look how I got my frame and square on that line okay now now we doing one foot of overhang on this rafter one foot so now it's just one more step off watch I'm here I make my mark over here I slide my Square down that's the end of the Raptor right here Plum cut one step off two step offs third step off Birds Mount which we're going to cut this out and now I have the tail cut and this is the overhang right here coming back to this Plum cut right here I need to go now and deduct 3/4 of an inch off of this because a Ridge board right here is inch and a half it's a inch and a half wide so I need to take half of it off which is 3/4 of an inch let me show you how I do that square and I follow the angle right here and I Mark 3/4 of an inch right here look I'm Mark it in two different spots okay then I'm just going to throw my framing square back on 122 slide it here till it hits those two marks and that's my new cut line so from this point here I'm going to cut this rafter I'm going to trace it to another one and I'm going to put two of them up to see if they fit if they fit one of these will be my pattern and I'll cut all 10 Rafters out right here [Music] now what you want to do is you want to trace this rafter onto another one and cut it and then you want to make sure that they both fit together now we're going to cut here cut the bird's mouth here cut the rafter tail [Music] here so it looks like we got a perfect fit you see the the room for the Ridge board right here so now that I got my rafter cut I know I got a good pattern I got got 1ot overhang what I'm going to do is use one of these pieces here I'm going to write pattern on it and I'm going to Mark the remaining eight Rafters I need out of this so this right here will be my pattern it was the first one I cut and I'm going write pattern here and I'll show you why I did this now when I come up here look I can hook this on and it's going to hold my boards flush let me show you wrong way walk down do my bird's mouth and then do my overhang look now we're just going to Mark the remaining and make all the [Music] cuts [Music] so you see where my Ridge is at now there's no overhang on this side of the um on the roof it's just a foot overhang on the outside my Ridge board is the length of here 8T I measured I cut it and if you look how I laid it out and there's going to be a rafter here it's going to hit here rafter here going to hit here you lay it out on two foot centers the same way ra here it's going to hit there rafter rafter so let me show you how you set this Ridge board especially by yourself you put two Rafters up on this end two Rafters up on this end and then you slide The Ridge board in and you can nail it in [Music] [Music] place [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] is that not a beauty Ridge Bo is set now this is going to help keep it from [Music] [Music] racking [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] and there we got it now we've got this gorgeous 12 on 12 gable roof framed up we can now take this brace off right here that we put on there's no need for that anymore and we can start putting our Gable studs on I'm going to show you how to how to put Gab

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