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How to build a Lap Joint

welcome to sawdust and wood today you're gonna learn how to build a lap joint it's not very hard just say you could do it if you've never done it and do it watch the video and you know I'm going to build this right here alright so to build a lap joint take one board and we know half of this board just three quarters of an inch because it's 2×4 is an inch and a half thick right here so if I want my lap joint to fit like this I can just put the board down trace it on each side trace it here where I want it to fit and to get the thickness of to get the middle point right here you could get a tape measure and go three quarters of an inch and Mark it but I have a 1 by so what I'm gonna do is I can just put it right on the side of the board like this and Mark my centerline in this board now you take your soft and we're going to set the depth of it because the depth needs to be 3/4 of the niche so what we do is we set it down here like you saw in place when you get it if you look you can see the depth of my saw blade is three-quarters of an inch thick let's get to cutting it you want [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] okay now get your hammer then you could take your song be careful to do this [Applause] [Applause] all right so this is what you got to get outside eat soon so at this point you can take a chisel if you want to clean it up a little bit clean off the bruise now depending on what you're making this for its how nice and smooth you're gonna want it if you doing this to frame him or something it doesn't have to be dead anyway cut it [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you can also do this technique with a miter saw yeah that's adjustment on it let's bring up a little bit all right now we take our two pieces like blondie I hope you learn how to build a lap joint and to the new woodworkers out there that's never build this before don't be scared to do it okay just you need to know the thickness of your board take half of it whatever half of it is set the depth or your saw to only cut that thickness half of that thickness and then trace out your line and cut it and clean it up as best as you can practice does not make perfect but practice makes progress so keep practicing be positive and keep doing good thanks for watching and have a great day Oh a like and subscribe and share and all that good stuff have a good one you

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