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How To Carve Halloween Pumpkins! Scary – Silly – Traditional

[Music] the name's jack o'lantern and today i'll be showing you how to carve a pumpkin treeways oh i had a splitting headache how about you shall we begin with the easy pumpkin [Laughter] maybe i'm going to keep this pumpkin fairly traditional and with a little twist now i'm just using a sharpie to mark out my lines to draw this and i'll show you how you can clean that up later if you try to use a pencil it's really hard to see now one thing i do i like to cut out the main parts of the pumpkin using one of these safety cutters because honestly it's actually easier to use than it is a knife now i'm just going to wipe off the excess marks that i left on here with some acetone when you get done using an acetone rag make sure that you soak it with water and set it somewhere where there's no fire hazard so here's our completed easy pumpkin but let's take it up a notch with some smoke bombs [Music] all right let's try two different colors black and green [Music] i always put a notch when i cut the top out even though they don't have to do that that way when you put the top back on it just goes boop right into the exact spot every time i believe we've got some still attached there oh let me hold your man oh you got it there you go the brains [Music] okay [Music] yay and now let us begin the medium pumpkin [Music] now i want this pumpkin to be oh how shall i say a little more lighthearted so i'm going to give him a huge smile and some smaller eyes now he's going to need some ginormous teeth to make this work [Music] [Applause] [Music] now to shape these teeth what i found works best is using clay sculpting tools especially especially especially for scraping off the surface of the skin [Music] now my little friend here he could eat corn on the cob through a picket fence you know what i'm saying so i'm gonna help him out all right i'm just using a piece of 3 16 round bar to try and shape this around the curve of the teeth of the jack-o-lantern and then i'm going to cut this with my cutoff wheel [Music] whenever you cut something like a piece of metal don't touch the end of it because it's hot and it will burn you it's bad it ain't nobody know all right don't do it i just did it it hurt all right don't you worry little buddy we're gonna get you straightened out [Music] for the brackets i actually found these wire holders in the electrical section at my local hardware store after further inspection i decided that these teeth were actually rotten and actually i thought it popped more without those teeth there [Music] madison are you ready for your reveal yes cameron are you ready for your reveal reveal creepy and both happy at the same time riley are you ready for your reveal yes reveal who who i don't know that's the remaining question nobody knows please and um that's lovely just because it's lovely and now for the most difficult of them all the evil eyes [Music] after using the clay shaping tools i found that using a rasp worked best for rounding over what will be the eyelid on this pumpkin and it really helped give it that final smooth round shape that i was going after so i looked all over and i couldn't find any giant sized pumpkins so i had to work with what i had because i would have loved i mean loved to have used a white pumpkin for the eyeball but this was you know about the smallest white pumpkin i could find and it's too big for that so as you have previously seen yeah i know i blew it this is the what's going to be the eyeball is this small regular pumpkin i'm gonna paint this with acrylic paint and uh let's get going [Music] oh yeah i didn't really i just like making that noise [Applause] two coats for good measure and do try to keep your pinkies up after all we're not heathens are we [Applause] [Music] for the iris i'm gonna be using some of this extreme sheen acrylic paint that is lovely [Music] never hurts to add a little bit of glitter [Applause] [Music] so [Applause] [Music] you can see i also added a fake shine to the eyeball because that kind of if you're ever painting an eyeball or drawing an eyeball if you can't get a natural shine which hopefully this will if you paint a false uh shine that's what gives it life life when i put this eyeball in here it's just gonna roll around i don't really know how to stop it other than i'm gonna try to put this uh these two pieces of plywood in there and see if they will hold it oh look i could actually leave it like that oh that's wild oh that i mean there it is deep in there but actually i think it's kind of cool squeezing it like that bulging that's disgusting okay all right but that's not quite gross enough so uh we're gonna hold that eye open with some staples and i'm gonna make them staples by cutting them out of this aluminum flat bar and i do hope this is aluminum because i'm gonna cut it on my saw and if it ain't aluminum well it's about to get interesting [Applause] let's put the shtopples we got all these staples let's put all the staples in because we've got to hold back the flesh the pumpkin flesh to keep the eyeball open [Music] [Music] [Music] i'm gonna use this crayola model magic air dry clay and i'm gonna make some horns for this pumpkin so that we can go ahead and you know give it the full mike wazowski look [Music] do if you can find an old toothbrush it works perfect for giving these speckles unfortunately i couldn't find an old one so i just had to use kim's hopefully by the time i use that white paint she won't notice though [Music] guys if you like this video please give it a thumbs up and share with all your friends and if you want to feed a hacksman child and buy some hacksman merchandise go to and i'll see you next time

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