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How to cope baseboards using a great trick!

great babe oh one more thing a little caulk and paint make a carpenter what he ain't welcome back to sawdust and wood today we're gonna do a video on coping baseboards and it works the same way for crown molding and real quick for y'all that don't that don't know you can only cope use the coping method on inside corners so reasons you may want to use the coping method is most corners are not 90 degrees perfectly so the coping method gives you some plate weather the corners a little bigger or a little smaller and I'll show you that after we cope of a baseboard and also if you use wood for your baseboards as a seasons change in the humidity those boards could shrink they can expand and contract over time and where you have caulking out you'll start to see gaps and I'm sure you sing that in older houses or some jobs it's only a couple years old those baseboards are starting to come apart so it's a tighter joint it's a tighter fit and it holds up better over time let's get started all right so I got my baseboard here we're gonna cope it so what I want to do is cut and inside 45 set you saw the 45 cut an inside corner all right now that we got the inside corner cut I'm gonna show you how to cope it all right now you can see where I got my inside 45 cut now this paint line right here I'm going to do what they call a back cut so I'm gonna try to cut it it doesn't have to be perfect a 40 degree 45 degree back cut with the saw so I'm gonna go with my coping saw and I'm gonna try to follow this line and what you want to do is you want to make some relief cuts here put the saw some kind of commune hi my piece it fell so I got my cam my camera fell I got a takedown so I got my relief cuts now I'm gonna come in on that angle here and I want to get I'm gonna try to get as close to that white line now I'm just going to tell you I'm no pro as you can see coconuts baseboard but I'm going to show you a trick it's not perfect this is what we got let me show you how it would fit up this is how two 45-degree boards will cut if you didn't cope the thing is though if the angle is not 90 you're gonna be off you're gonna have a gap if this disc bottom of this floor would not be perfectly level with this floor it'll be cocked a little bit so this is just I just want to show y'all the mitered 45 okay so now we'll put a piece of baseboard in and we'll pretend like this is the corner here this is the piece I just coped and see you can push it in and get a fit but if you look right now you can see the gap I got I'm going to show you how you make this coat fit this board perfectly alright I got this piece of 180 grit sandpaper and the back is adhesive so it'll stick on whatever I put it on so what you want to do is you get a piece of material of the baseboard piece of scrap that you got laid over and you want to take this piece and sandpaper and fit it with the profile of this board so this base that you're doing so everything fits good do you see what I got I got some sand paper stuck to this board so now you want to get the piece that you cope which is here and you fit it right on to the groove of the and you just run it like this push it down and sand it to fit [Music] now that cleaned it up a lot so now let me show you how it was fixed here's our sprite piece and now we in like that fits pretty decent you can sand it some more and get a better fit if you want but a little caulking there and some paint and you're good to go thanks for watching today I hope you learned the trick about coping baseboards this is the way I do it I just find it easier like I said I don't do this every day I've seen other people that are really good at coping but one thing you got to remember woodworking when you fit baseboards and you or framing a house or whatever we would nothing is always perfect and your miter cuts may be perfect but the floor or the walls you're putting your baseboards through will not always more than likely they will never be but if you take the same paper and take it down you can smooth down to wait your coat it's gonna fit really good I want to thank you all for watching you know I have a great beat oh one more thing a little caulk and paint make a carpenter woody ain't that's the same don't be too hard on yourself don't be scared to try this this is not a hard technique practicing but like I said with the same it's gonna help your life have a great day [Music]

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