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How to cut a pentagon on a miter saw

welcome to sawdust in wood today we're gonna build a Pentagon let's get started I'm gonna show you how to do it alright so the first thing you want to do you need five pieces of wood you can cut them any length you want to make sure I got super accurate cuts I'll put a stop block right here so I can just slide the board in make myself now one piece and we'll slide the next piece in see how tight that fits I don't have to worry about my pieces being uneven using a stop block set your miter saw at 36 and cut from this corner up which is soft all run in all five pieces all right so I made a stop block on this side right here salsette at 36 slide my piece in watch your fingers this is how each piece is going to look so we're gonna cut the rest [Music] all right so let's put him together [Music] there you go a pentagon easy to make such a – aw – 36 and this may show all you could say thanks for watching I hope you learnt how to build a Pentagon you got any questions leave them in the comment section below thanks for watching and have a great day [Music]

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