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How to cut any angle using Lexivon’s miter saw protractor!!

thanks for joining me today today i got a really cool tool to review and i'm gonna teach you how to cut some more angles in another way that i never showed you before lexa vaughn makes this miter saw protractor you just put it on the angle and it's gonna tell you where to set your saw it to get perfect cuts every time now i got two pre-built angles that i'm gonna demonstrate but stay tuned don't leave because i'm gonna give three of these away for free and i'm gonna tell you how at the end of the video so stick around it's going to be good welcome to sawdust and wood today today i got a awesome tool that i want to do a review on lexi vaughn makes a miter saw protractor and what i'm going to do today is use it on a couple angles that i got pre-built just like i taught y'all in my other angle videos and you just set this on the angle and it gives you exactly where to put your miter saw so let's see how good this works all right so we got our pre-built angle now let's see let's imagine this is a wall and i need to cut baseboard or trim to put right there so you take this and you put it right here on the outside of that angle let's see what it says [Music] so that's telling me you want to use this this inner scale reading for miter cuts and that's that arrow is pointing to 40 and a half so if i set my miter saw to 40 and a half i should get this angle is what this is telling me so let's go do that at the saw and then we're going to come back and check at the miter saw let's get our angle let's get it set to 40 and a half is basically what it's telling me i got that set i'm gonna lock it down now let's make the cut stay tuned for the giveaway details at the end of the video let's go back to the work piece and give it a shot we got the piece right here here's the two pieces we just cut and look at that if that was some trim look at how good that would fit that's a perfect fit right there okay we got another angle to cut take this tool put it here let's see what it's reading arrow here is pointing to looks like 38 almost 39 so now we're going to set the miter saw around 38 and a half 5 36 37 38 about 38 and a half right there we're gonna lock it down let's go back and try this out and see how this works back with our angle and here's our pieces we cut let's see how it fits that is on the money look at that i want to thank everybody for watching today i hope you learned how to cut angles using this miter saw protractor now for the giveaway you gotta like the video subscribe to the channel turn on notifications to the channel and you need to go to the real sawdust and wood at and you need to write me and tell me how my videos have impacted your life if they have how they helped you in school how they helped you on the job site how to help you do a project just any way that has helped you at all and seven days from now i'm gonna do a drawing with all the emails and lexi bond has agreed to ship out three of these so there will be three winners and they're gonna ship them out for free to the winners thanks for watching please like and subscribe and good luck on winning them protractors you

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