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How to cut baseboard returns!

welcome to sawdust and wood channel thanks for watching today I'm gonna teach you how to cut baseboard returns there's two different methods I'm a teacher let's get started okay the first method you want to take your saw and you want to put a 45 degree angle on the end outside 45 and we're gonna pretend like this is the end that we want to we want to put the return on so we got outside 45 degrees so to get the piece that fits right here you can swing your saw and this is just a practice piece I wouldn't if this was my baseboard running here I would get a scrap piece to cut this side I'm just gonna show you on this piece so now swinging to 45 this way and cut cut a 45 degree miter I swing to 0 flip the piece and cut right on the line right here at the cut mark it just saw lined up perfect you wanna be right on the cut mark right here so now your baseboard is here baseboards running right here and their return piece fits in just like that let me show you with the camera so here's your baseboard on the wall and there is a return that's how the trim would fit that's how you can end the baseboard there's another way to do it all right so the baseboard return we just did was a baseboard up on the saw we mitered 45 this way and another 45 and the baseboard went to the wall so this way when you trim down you do a 45 inside cut like this 45 inside and this is how you trim with D on the wall I'm going to get a scrap piece this time so do another 45 inside opposite way with the saw later I'll watch this swing this all to zero clip this space four straight up and cut right on the cut line right here at the top and a minor and this is your piece you want to keep so now you base goes on the wall and this is your return I would fit let me get the camera so y'all could see and it would fit a lot tighter on the wall thanks for watching today I hope you learned how to cut two different types of baseboard returns none of them are very hard just watch the videos if I move too fast in the video just write me a message in the comment section and I'll do my best answer for you I want to thank everybody for watching please like and subscribe and share this video and have a great day [Music]

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