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How To Drill A Shallow Well And Never Be Without Water

[Music] you going here you go it's not spinning madison i might need to get on your shoulders wondering maybe how i got into this position let me take you back just a little bit [Music] there's poo in the water cam say pretty good boy hey are you nuts there's poo in the water i saw an advisory okay first off both cephas that was my chocolate milk and we are on well water idiot well i've learned two important things from this first one is i'll be expecting my oscar nomination in the mail the second thing is i never want to be without a well now currently we have a deep well i know you can't see it here but trust me it's here at our old house though we were on public water and from time to time you would get those boil water advisories and it was really awesome when you would see it like three days late it's just wonderful so anyway i'm gonna dig a shallow well as an emergency well and that way we'll have that because i can power this if an emergency happens for maybe a few days but after that who knows so i'm gonna get started villaging i'm gonna get start digging my shallow well and if i'm lucky i'll hit that chocolate milk aquifer down there we'll see how that goes the first thing is i'm gonna find the perfect spot over here on the other side of the yard to start digging i dug down as far as i could with the post hole diggers and then it was time to move on to this this is a hand auger and basically what it is is two shovels at the end and this will dig a six inch wide hole and it's got three inch excuse me three quarter inch length pipe attached to it with a handle at the top [Music] and once you get down to as far i'm already hitting water once you get down as far as you can go with your auger because this is three quarter inch pipe i have taken the liberty of going to the hardware store and picking up some accessories that will help me lengthen this namely three quarter inch pipe and connectors i picked up several of these three quarter inch couplers and then i'm actually going to start out with a four inch length of three-quarter inch pipe you can see there where that connection is where the three-quarter inch pipe goes in let's see if i can just turn this manually because it's painted on there oh it's going it's going there we go nice nice just screw those together and unscrew this pipe into there [Music] [Applause] [Music] push down push down as you go you know what you're doing here okay now you gotta pull it up as quick as you can you can you got it come on pull pull go go go go get it get it again you get it there you go look at that good job look at all that you got out of there all right i'll dump it out for you [Applause] there we go my wrist is hurting [Applause] oh old computer injury causing my wrist to hurt there is some mud [Music] that's what i was trying to avoid okay come here girl what did you eat this morning spin that no no you go away righty tighty righty tighty lefty loosey okay okay go righty tighty [Music] there you go you got it you got it keep on keeping on girl yeah i see it spinning you got it you're doing good we were in the water about five feet down but i don't want this to be that shallow uh we want to get it in there good so we're gonna keep on going down now there's a far far easier way of doing a shallow well and that's with a sand point and basically what you do is that is the pipe and it's got a point on the front of it and you just pound it down in with a post pounder basically but my neighbors have been so understanding of all the pounding we've done out here between the front fence and the back fence [Music] drive like stolen i felt like i needed to show them some mercy so i thought i myself being the the oh the giving person i am i'll just put the burden on myself and i'll dig this hole instead of making those loud pounding sounds but this is more work you know depending on what you consider work fortunately for me our water table is not really that deep i think maybe i was just getting the easy stuff out no don't you get me oh it's fresh ice cream you want the fresh ice cream turn and grab this grab that grab this put that and then you gotta come around here and grab this one with that and then spin it you ready oh there you go watch your head here pull [Applause] all right let me let me show you what's happening now [Music] besides getting really hard to turn [Applause] before i pull it out notice where this is like in relation to my chin okay i got that space here this is what's happening and this is what has happened on the last several digs oh my gosh spin it as it comes out [Applause] there we go oh lord all right i mean that's a that auger is full of mud all right remember where it hit below my chin let's see what happens when i put it back down so it's caving in i was down to here and i've lost a foot so at this point i've been digging and digging it's kind of pointless i think it's as far as i'm going to go i'm going to get this out and move on are we ready to use some power tools i have two drills one for each of you all right come over here what we're gonna do is we're gonna drill holes in here and this is for the water that's down in the well and it's gonna come into this big pipe because this is a four inch pipe that we're gonna put down and within the four inch pipe we're gonna put an inch and a quarter inch pipe let's start drilling some holes in this four inch pipe okay just reel them randomly like this right here you can just go anywhere all right and just go just like that you're ready just keep your hands clear of it yep [Music] oh at the bottom of the inch and a quarter pipe which is where the water is going to come up i'm going to put one of these this is a foot valve and what this will help do is maintain prime on the pump and it'll also basically give me a filter down there at the bottom but most importantly it'll maintain prime [Music] [Applause] four inch pipe goes in first okay watch out for the camera lady and then we'll put this on [Applause] now as far as the pump goes this has leather valves in it and you kind of want to get those wet to help them seat well and everything so one of the tips that i saw was to just set it in a five gallon bucket of water and let it sit there for a little bit so that's what i've done on the bottom of this it's so full of water okay it has an inch and a quarter um threaded end and what i've got here is again slip two threaded coupler and i'm not gonna do this permanent right now i just want to test this and see if it works so i'm just gonna put that in like that and then i'm just gonna put that on there all right there's another little trick let me try this [Applause] some water oh yes yes check it out all right madison chewie should we get a taste of this well water oh yes yes indeed [Applause] that's good stuff it's good stuff [Applause] really sticks to your ribs we are going to be cleaning up our backyard we're tearing out all the rocks so i just went back ther

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