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How To Install A Flagpole The Right Way

oh hey guys today i'm going to show you how to beautify your yard by setting a 25 foot telescoping flagpole in it's going to be amazing can i get some help anybody nobody at our old house we had a flag that flew on the front porch for almost 15 years and now we've been at our new house for almost two years and have no place to fly the flag so the first thing i had to do was find the perfect spot unfortunately that perfect spot happened to be where we were growing an orange tree and i don't know what this other little tree is but there's another little tree growing back there so i had to pull these up and move them to a different spot in the yard another issue was that the grass wasn't particularly special looking in this area of the yard so first thing i did was throw out tons of seed then i threw out tons of fertilizer then i coated this all with peat moss and then i set up the sprinkler and just let it go to town for days and days and days next up i had to find a flagpole befitting of the beauty of the stars and stripes and that's where the fine folks at came in and they sent me this 25-foot heavy-duty telescoping flagpole in beautiful bronze this is not a sponsored video did not pay me any money for this video but they were kind enough to send me the flagpole for free so i've been watering this grass like crazy for close to a week now and you can see it's actually starting to come in pretty good i'm just going to let it continue to do its thing for a little bit but in the meantime are we going to make this ground holy how can i get this shovel yes let us dig according to the directions from liberty flagpoles i need to dig this hole approximately six times bigger than the diameter of the flagpole i'm going to dig this hole 18 inches wide and i need to be four inches deeper than the length of the sleeve that holds the flagpole and this is 32 inches which means i'm going to be digging a hole 18 inches wide by 36 inches deep this should be fun [Applause] now i happen to have a conveniently located tractor with bucket if you don't have a tractor feel free to use a wheelbarrow or put out a tarp to throw your dirt on let's see where we are okay so just a little over 36 inches perhaps i was a little too enthusiastic the next step is to insert the pvc sleeve or pipe that comes with the flagpole and it's got these holes drilled down here four inches from the bottom and i'm just gonna put this this is the stop bolt that goes through here and this is what the flagpole will rest on and this actually allows for drainage and everything underneath it so that the flagpole is not setting in water i picked up two bags of pea gravel and i'm gonna pour this into the hole uh for about four inches of depth and actually i'm gonna pour a little bit in to begin with and then i'm gonna set the sleeve down in and finish pouring up that four inches around the sleeve and inside the sleeve did someone say it's concrete time no well it is i'm going to be using this old harbor freight concrete mixer uh you'd be amazed how handy one of these can be at different times if you don't have one obviously you can mix your concrete in a wheelbarrow i've covered the pipe with tape to make sure that i don't get any concrete inside the flagpole sleeve oh don't forget to edit that out now if you were keeping count you may have noticed that that was five bags of concrete which is exactly how many i purchased if you don't count the other four but i'll find a use for them later i'm below the ground here and you definitely don't want to do that you want to be level with the ground or like two inches above it with the pipe but i'm gonna be coming back and cutting down around this so for me this will work just fine now i'm gonna stick my level down in there which just perfectly fits and let me tell you something don't drop your level and this uh let's make sure that it's plumb this is definitely not a part that you want to rush because if you're off by an eighth down here you'll be off by i don't know many inches at the top if you think it'll make it easier for you you can also make sure that it's plumb by dropping the flagpole down into the sleeve and standing up tall you know with your level and checking it that way i need to let this set for at least 24 hours and i'll probably put something around it to protect it to make sure that nothing hits it namely a malinois named havoc and a german shepherd named storm kim has this around her bay tree to protect it from the dogs but i don't think she'll notice yeah i don't think she'll notice that there yeah while allowing the concrete to dry for a few days kim and i went to the local flower nursery and picked up a bunch of flowers we got roses we got purple flowers we got white flowers i don't know whatever first up are these what are these kim purple these purple flowers purple flowers that's the inner ring and these are just so pretty i just love them so much for the final row what are these kim pentas pentas i love their beans by the way the pentas will be in the front and then the nina and the santa maria no the roses will be behind the pentas and they'll obviously be taller and then these plumbago that's a fun word to say flambego these are the same things that we planted in the patio light whiskey barrel planters and these things get huge i'm just going to kind of measure from where the center of the flagpole is out and that is five feet which is good that we set these out here because i was thinking four feet i had this old dowel that i had a eye hook in i think i had that in for making something for the dogs so that works perfect for me i'm going to drop that in and i'm just going to measure from there out and i've got this orange marking spray paint i'm gonna wrap around that a few times and then here we go remove the tape measure [Music] look at that beautiful circle i'm going to use this edger to go around to get a nice clean edge i don't really know how necessary this is you could probably just use a shovel so i've proven you can do it by hand time to cheat remember when i said earlier in the video that it was totally fine that i set this down lower well as it turns out i'm stupid okay because really what i ended up doing was after i cut this out i haven't done it yet but my intentions are to mound this up a little bit so all i did was go get some three inch pvc and a pv uh three inch coupler in pvc i'm just gonna set that on there [Music] i [Music] teamwork makes the dream work folks and since there is no eye in team i am not going to help finish this last little bit i'm going to let him and the girls finish putting these flowers in [Music] [Music] come on [Music] also sent me this really nice really well made deck mount for mounting your flagpole above ground because this was my original plane i was going to pour a big pad and have an above ground flower bed and i just ran out of time so i wasn'

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