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How to join 3 pieces of wood using the same angle!!

welcome to sawdust and wood today guys today i'm going to teach you how to join three pieces of wood together it's super easy you just need a speed square you could do it with a skill saw but it's easier with a miter saw to make your cut straight and if you need any help with woodworking with rafter cutting using your miter saw you want to discuss a project with me go to type in sawdust and wood or miter saw and you're gonna see me book your session we'll get together and i'll get you helped out get you right let's get to it all right guys so the first thing you want to do is you want to find the middle of the board and i got it marked right here already then you want to take your speed square and this is going to be a 45 and you want to run it down until this point crosses your mark mark there flip it around do the same thing right here mark that all right now we're going to cut each side on a 45 real easy got my sauce set to 45 degrees look at this put my blade right on the line got a good cut switch it around [Music] 45 on this side fire it up watch your fingers when you do this now that we got this piece cut we found the center we got it marked zoom in so i could show y'all real easy from here put the edge together like this and you mark right here where this angle meets this board and see how i put a two here i'm gonna put a two here so i know which piece matches up do the same thing here you come and you put it here and you mark right where that line matches up now here you go just put your square on the outside of the board run it up till it hits this line make a mark you're going to cut right here on x and you do the same thing put your square and get it right to the edge of that line make your mark let's go over to the saw and cut those two pieces out this piece here to line up check it with your blade that cuts made so what you saw to this 45 get your other piece [Music] get it in line all right now we're going to take these pieces right here go back over here and line it all up all right now from this point here put your two against your two get one against your one and you're going to have a perfect fit and fellas it's easy as that that's how you join three pieces of wood i want to thank you all for watching like subscribe share this video go to fiverr book an appointment with me let's get to hang out y'all have a great day

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