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How to Make a Spider Scare Box. Hilarious Prank!

I check this out it's gonna be a classic now Rob oh yeah man but this brand-new top-secret boxes okay its pops open all right I'm gonna bring you the lead I've never used it before but I want you to give it a go for me yeah Matt so on the count of three I want you to pull it back and stable to see if it all works okay I'll test it ready I'm ready to test one two three and a half now you tell me who wouldn't want to make one of these love it he's biting me stop it bad spider very bad spider get a folks uncle knackers here from do your wife or knuckleheads with another super simple DIY scrap wood project and that's per usual if this is your first time here welcome and please hit that subscribe button and make sure you click the notification bell that way you'll never miss a project ever ever again bang so if you're looking for that perfect prank to scare the absolute livin bejesus out of your pesky work colleagues or family and friends then the spider scare box is the one for you and the good news is is that it's very easy to make I'm going to show you how to do that step-by-step so make sure you watch right through to the end of the video to see exactly how that's done and I'll even throw in a few good old dad jokes for good measure alrighty let's get this show on the road now the spider scare box is a scrap wood project which is fantastic because it means it isn't going to cost you much to make it but of course if you haven't got anything lying around the house you'll have to go out and find something for example pellet wood that would be perfect and it's free but for me my spider scare box is going to be made out of this sheet of 12 mil ply which is actually a ramp that the kids use their BMX bikes they won't even realize it'll cut anything off it none the wiser mark my words what's that boys have I cut anything off your ramp no no why would I do that as if seriously as if now to make this gear box it's very simple we're cutting the sides and the back to a height of 135 millimeters which is roughly the same size as the width of a wide pallet board now before you get too excited and start cutting all your pieces to size we need to cut a rebate along the two sides of the scare box so that our lid has somewhere to slide in and out off now for my lid I'm using six millimeter ply I think it's going to look a little better not quite so heavy but I also had some of this lying around remember this is a scrap wood project we're trying to do it for us cheap as possible so if you haven't got that six mil ply don't panic just use whatever else you're building your scare box out of now the reason why we're cutting that rebate now before it cut any pieces to size is that while the sheet is as be as it is we can place our clamps all the way back there which makes using the circular saw safer easier and a saw doesn't come in contact with either of those two clamps beautiful now obviously if you go a router or a table saw you could quite easily do that cut but this is kind of a limited tools project so I'm only using tools that I think most people would have lying around the shed okay and as far as where to cut that rebuy it's really simple we'll kick off from the top of the scare box and go down 12 millimeters or roughly half an inch to the top of the rebate now our lid is six millimeters wide so I'll cut the rebate to a width of between eight and nine millimeters and that'll give plenty of room for the lid to freely move backwards and forwards and we'll set our saw to a depth of six millimeters which is half the thickness of that ply now a really easy way to get a nice straight cut for that rebate is to use the fence that comes with the saw place a fence up against the outside edge of that ply and then adjust it until the outside of the blade lines up with that line right there then just do a series of cuts continuously adjusting that fence until we get to the other side over there and please we're making these adjustments make sure the saw is not plugged in and there she slides beautiful [Music] okay folks we're getting there all the pieces have now been cut ah look at this little fella there's a good boy so cute and deadly all righty back to business if you want to make your scare box the same size as mine these are the measurements now this is all in metric if you want imperial i'll leave an imperial converter in the description box down below so you can check that one out if you want to alrighty this is the bottom these are the two sides here we have the front and the back and finally the lid and it simply goes together like this Desa sides the back fits on top of the bottom in between the two sides at the front that's basically the same thing and then the lid will to slide in here just like that beautiful now with all this talk of scare boxes and spoilers I think it's just about time to lighten the mood with a couple of good old dad jokes and as per usual on the dad joke rating scale out of 10 let me know down below okay joke number one what a spiderwebs good for spiders what not good enough okay tough crowd might get it has this one what do you get when you cross a spider with a cob of corn cob webs not bad not too bad at all and finally one for the bigger kids what do you get when you cross a spider with a squirrel a bug that will run up your leg and that your nuts all righty enough of the dad jokes raped me out of ten let me know down below and now make it the project the next step in the process is we need to make an axle for the spider to swivel on so what we have here is I've cut the end of a wooden broom handle and I've also got a couple of lengths of dowel I found lying around the shed the wooden broom handle is 22 millimeters or roughly an inch in diameter and I cut it to a length of 19 millimeters which is about three and a half inches so all we need to do is to find the center on both ends drill a hole the same size as our Dale and then to simply glue and driving those dowels the job's done and we're ready for the next step now here's a quick little tip for you if you want to mark a depth gauge on your drill bit say you wanna drill down to a depth of 20 millimeters get your texture and mark the drill bit like that and then slowly start to drill up hold the texture against the drill bit and there you have it they showed 20-millimeter disk age [Music] with the axle now made we need to find a spot to fit it so what we have here are both sides that's the back that's the front that's the back that's the front so when they go together they'll be like that so all you need to do is from the front on both pieces from the top of the box go down 60 millimeters then from the front of the box go in 38 millimeters and then drill a hole slightly larger on both pieces then the diameter of that dowel my Dale is nine millimeters so I'll be drilling the hole 10 millimeters and just be careful that you don't drill all the way through slow and easy there's no trophy for coming first and

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