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How to mark angles using a speed square KIDS EDITION

hello everybody the sawdust and wood and my name is Chris that's right jokes you got any kids and you want to teach them Colin right here is gonna instruct them on out of firing who's on a speed square Oh everybody today I'm going to be cutting the 28 degree onions so where the pivot point is on the back you're gonna put that to your door to where it hooks and then to cut that let's say you're cutting a 28 degree angle you're gonna keep this point right here always on the edge of the board and you're gonna turn the speed square forward and you're going to go until you get to the 25 now that little line right next to the 25 is the 26 and then 27 and then 28 so go to that third line from the 25 nearest to the 35 and then keep your point and then do it right here and you have a 28 degree angle now I love to cut a 35 degree angle that's great job Collin hey let me call angle to you let's cut a 50 degree angle all right now is cut a 50 degree so we're gonna go to the 45 and we're gonna go until we get to that big – right there in the middle which is a 50 right there all right so go over the angles with me we got a 50 degree angle a 35 degree angle and the 28 degree angle great job and something you need to notice that every angle the higher you get up the more slanted it'll be which way shows it's going to show you slant left all right and remember practice makes progress it doesn't make perfect and remember the first step in winning is believing you can thanks for watching everybody make sure to subscribe turn on notifications remember how to cut angles Colin showed you it's not hard you think they could do it practice and let us know in the comments section if you had any questions for Colin or me put it in the comments below and we'll answer them as soon as we see them remember I'm actually going to post this on my channel too so go check out Colin thank you and have a great day

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